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Managing Disruptive Zoom Participants

In the event that someone disrupts your class, use these options to minimize the interruption.

Hover a participant and click on the Mute option to mute a participant.
You can stop someone's video by hovering over their name and clicking Stop Video. If needed, you can also click Remove to remove them from the meeting.

Screen Sharing can be disabled during a meeting using the Security button located in the Zoom toolbar.

Zoom Security Button

In the event that a participant is becoming disruptive via the annotations tool, the host can disable participant annotations.

Zoom screen sharing more menu with Disable Annotations highlighted.

If a participant becomes disruptive in the chat, the host can adjust the chat settings to limit the chat functionality. 

Zoom Chat Settings

A participant can be removed from a session via the Participants window. 

Zoom participants menu displaying the more menu options.