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Scheduling your Zoom Meetings


Note: If the Zoom tool link is not added to your course yet, please refer to the instructions on how to add Zoom to your course menu.

  1. Click on the "Zoom" or "Zoom Videoconferencing" link from your course menu.
  2. Click on "Schedule a New Meeting."
  3. Provide a topic/name for your session. Ex. Class Meeting, Office Hours, etc.
  4. Define when the meeting(s) occur by selecting the right time and dates. We highly recommend setting recurring meetings with specific days or using the "no fixed time" option under "Recurrence."
    Scheduling a Zoom meeting screenshot
  5. Do not select Registration. You may only consider this option for students to sign up for office hours meetings.
  6. Under Security, we recommend leaving the default passcode or setting a new passcode. You may enable "waiting room" and "only authenticated users can join meetings" for extra security.
  7. Under Video, make any changes as desired.
  8. Under Audio, we recommend leaving the default settings(Telephone and Computer Audio).
  9. Under Meeting Options, we recommend selecting:
    • Mute participants upon entry.
    • Record the meeting automatically to the cloud. (Required for Panopto integration)
    Scheduling a Zoom meeting screenshot
  10. Under Advanced Options, you may add an alternative host if needed.
  11. Click on Save to schedule this session.
    Scheduling a Zoom Meeting screenshot

Note: There are two requirements for the Panopto integration: 1. schedule your Zoom meetings within your Blackboard course and 2. record the meetings to the cloud. For more information, please refer to the Panopto Integration.