Resilience Workshop Series

September 27th Edinburg ESTAC 1.101 & September 29th Brownsville BMAIN 2.236
Resilience 101
Ever wonder how some people are able to succeed even when all is against them? Is resilience a skill that you can foster or is it something you are born with? Come join us as we explore resilience and discuss methods to incorporate it into our everyday lives.

October 25th Edinburg ESTAC 1.101 & October 27 Brownsville BMAIN 2.236
Knowing your Why
Ever wonder what triggers certain reactions? We will be using the ATC Model, based on work by Albert Ellis and revisions by Penn Resilience Program, to deeply explore the internal thoughts that drive what you do, in order to increase the performance and effectiveness of the choices you make as you navigate college life.

November 29th Edinburg ESTAC 1.101 & December 1st Brownsville BMAIN 2.236
Watch out! You are about to step into a Mind Trap
Thinking traps surround us! These patterns can allow us to misread a situation or miss important information someone is telling us. Come learn how to recognize and combat these mind traps before you step in one!

January 24th Edinburg ESTAC 2.130 & January 26th Brownsville BMAIN 2.236
Is the sky falling? Putting It Into Perspective
Ever get caught up in thinking the worse is going to happen? Catastrophic thinking leads us to inaction. This session will teach you how to counter your negative thoughts by Putting It In Perspective, a model based in the Penn Resilience Program.

February 28th Edinburg ESTAC 1.101 & March 2nd Brownsville BMAIN 2.236
Find Your Inner Super Hero
Come as we help you identify your core values and these value drive behavior. This session will also focus on identifying your character strengths and how your character strengths can be leveraged both in the classroom and professionally.

March 28th Edinburg ESTAC 1.101 & March 30th Brownsville BMAIN 2.236
The Three C’s of Assertive Communication
What is your communication style? Aggressive? Passive? Assertive? Join us as we learn the differences of these communication styles and examine the effects that each style of communication has on relationships. This session will teach students the 3 Cs of assertive communication and we will practice the IDEAL model that is based in the Penn Resilience Program.

April 25th Edinburg ESTAC 1.101 & April 27 Brownsville BMAIN 2.236
Conquering Your Test Anxiety using Real Time Resilience
Test anxiety can feel like paralyzing. Come learn how to battle test anxiety using Real Time Resilience based on research by Penn Resilience Program.

All sessions are based on the Penn Resilience Program curriculum and are facilitated by trained staff. All sessions are scheduled from 12:15-1:15 P.M. Students who attend all seven workshops will be recognized as Resilience Vaqueros! For special accommodations, email University College at