Enrollment & Participation

Students who meet the institutional JumpStart Program criteria are identified in their admission and orientation process.  Students who have fewer than 26 credit hours in a college setting who are working towards meeting Texas College Ready standards are required to participate in JumpStart and thus are automatically enrolled in the program.  Program site is determined by the student’s selected “home” campus per their admission application.  Once identified and confirmed as a program candidate, students are automatically registered for JumpStart course (s) during summer session II.  

Expectations & Conditions

Jumpstart scholars must agree to the following expectations and conditions, applicable for the duration of the five-week program:

  • Scholars must participate in our Kickoff to JumpStart event, please refer to your calendar of events for more details.
  • JumpStart is a comprehensive academic program, and scholars are required to attend all lectures, discussions, workshops, tutoring, advising, seminars, and activities scheduled.
  • The JumpStart staff will determine scholars’ summer course placement and advise scholars’ regarding their selection of courses for the fall and spring semesters of their first year.
  • The JumpStart staff will monitor scholars’ courses and related activities to assist them in meeting the requirements of the program.
  • Scholars may not take a reduced course load during JumpStart, nor take additional summer courses without the prior approval of the Associate Vice President for Student Academic Success.
  • Scholars may not hold a paid or unpaid job or internship.
  • If scholars fail to pass either or both of their JumpStart courses, they will be allowed to enroll in UTRGV courses for the fall term but must enroll in a co-requisite development course which will be linked to a college-level English and/or math course.
  • Scholars are required to register for corresponding course in the fall.  For example, if you are enrolled for ENGL 0301 during the JumpStart program, you will be required to register for ENGL 1301 in the fall.


Understandably, you may encounter unexpected and extenuating circumstances that may significantly inhibit your ability to attend JumpStart.  When situations like this arise, please submit your appeal online.

JumpStart appeals must be submitted by Friday, July 2, 2018.