Academic Advising & Academic Support

Our top priority is to position you to achieve your academic and professional goals.  That includes giving you all the support you need along the way.  Here you will find a list of academic supports that we have put in place to aid you during your JumpStart experience!  And remember, JumpStart staff are here to provide you critical support services to assist you in navigating the range of questions and concerns that often come up in conversation.

Academic Advising

By teaching the critical information regarding university policies and procedures, your academic advisor can guide you as you discover your options and make essential decisions about your academic career.  An academic advisor can also provide helpful details regarding undergraduate programs of study, degree requirements and academic resources as you work to ensure you stay on track to graduate.


Everyone can benefit from studying with others and talking through those tough questions or problems from class with someone who's been through it before.  The UTRGV Learning Center is a comfortable, supportive place where you can work with your embedded tutors and meet peers who can help you in your JumpStart courses as well as in a variety of other subject areas across the colleges.  Our tutors and supplemental instruction leaders are recommended and hand selected by faculty based on their content knowledge as well as their ability to work with students at all levels of their academic career.  Visit the Learning Center website or stop by and see us on both, the Edinburg and Brownsville campus, and let us know how we can help you reach your goals!

Peer Mentors

Each JumpStart Scholar will be matched with a peer mentor.   Our peer mentors are qualified undergraduate students who know what is necessary to succeed academically.  They are committed to guiding you as transition to the university setting.  Our peer mentors will provide you with skills, study strategies, and tools needed to be successful at the University.

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) ensures students with disabilities are able to participate in the full range of college experiences.  Our goal is to facilitate students' equal access to all university programs and services while fostering independence and self-advocacy.  In addition, we work to promote an environment that is free of physical and attitudinal barriers.

If you are interested in applying for services, you are welcome to contact Student Accessibility Services for an appointment.  We request that students bring documentation of disability from a qualified professional to the initial appointment.  Our priority is to get to know each student individually.  Students with temporary disabilities such as broken bones and recent surgeries may also apply.