Course Description

UNIV 1301 Learning Framework

The purpose of the course is to provide an opportunity for students to understand the psychology of learning and its application to their own university experience and to their chosen major/profession.  The course will focus on the assessment, understanding, and application of the psychology of learning, cognition and motivation.

Learning Framework (UNIV 1301) will help you:

Make Connections
Make lasting connections to other students and faculty on campus, particularly those from your chosen college. Each section is dedicated to students from a particular college, so you’ll be able to form friendships and study groups with students who share similar interests as yours.

Gain Hands-on Experience
Engage in hands-on learning both inside and outside the classroom. And because you’ll learn to apply new learning strategies in this course, you may notice better grades and/or satisfaction with your courses and other university experiences right away.

Join Community
Picture yourselves as contributing scholars who are part of a larger community of engaged students and citizens. Instead of viewing your classes in isolation, you’ll learn about the interrelatedness of courses and disciplines.

Build Habits
Learn how to build great habits for studying and managing your time.

Learn About Learning
“Learning About Learning” enables you to be better succeed in your other courses at the university. Using the latest research findings in the psychology of learning, cognition and motivation, the class focuses on:

  • How adult students learn.
  • How they think and make judgments.
  • What motivates them in pursuit of higher education.
  • How they can apply different methods of learning and motivation to their university courses,  majors and career goals.

Know Your Strengths
You’ll apply new learning strategies in a variety of ways. You’ll be using reading, writing, speaking, listening, and innovative learning strategies throughout the course and assess your own strengths and weaknesses as a learner.

Build Understanding
The Learning Framework course is designed to improve students’ understanding of the learning process and their ability to succeed in college. Students who complete the Learning Framework course frequently have more success with their courses and are more satisfied overall with their university experience. You’ll also gain an understanding of general education requirements and the core curriculum.