Adjusting to UTRGV

Find a Community

  • Get Involved!- This is the hub for student organizations at UTRGV. Check out V-Link to explore organizations that may match your interests!
  • Residence LifeOur residence halls are facilities that provide an opportunity for you to meet people and get involved in a close-knit community that combines all the comforts of home with all the excitement of the traditional college experience.
  • Honors CollegeIs here to serve academically talented and ambitious students by offering an enriched core curriculum that provides the advantages of a small private college within the context of a larger research institution. 

Access Support

  • Learning Center - Need academic help?  Everyone in the Learning Center works toward ensuring our students succeed by providing various support services in a welcoming friendly environment.
  • Writing Center - Struggling to complete an essay assignment?  The Writing Center is here to assist you with all writing projects.
  • Counseling Center - The Counseling Center provides free and confidential counseling services to address mental health concerns and promote personal growth for currently enrolled UTRGV students.
  • Accessibility Services Ensures students with disabilities are able to participate in the full range of college experiences.
  • Health Services - Is here to meet the health care needs of our students so they can focus on their studies. As a UTRGV student you have paid a Medical Service Fee that allows you to be seen at either of our clinics as often as needed.