Exploratory Workshop Series

Navigating the various options and opportunities may at times seem overwhelming.  In order to best assist you in your journey, we have identified sessions that will not only guide you through our UTRGV catalog but will also give you an opportunity for self discovery.  Below is a brief description of the workshops that we currently provide:

Tuesday, February 14th BMAIN 2.236 & Thursday, February 16th ESTAC 1.102

Undeclared Dreams

This session is aimed at assisting you in understanding that there is no one size fits all model when choosing a major.  The purpose of this session is to show you that you can have a successful career even if you presently do not have a career in mind.

Thursday, March 9th ESTAC 1.102 & Tuesday, March 21st BMAIN 2.236

Identifying Values and Leveraging Character Strengths

This session is part of the Penn Resilience Program and will teach you have to identify the values that drive your behavior so that you can align them with your academic goals.  It will also help you determine your character strengths and how you can leverage these strengths in your future career. 

Tuesday, April 4th BMAIN 2.236 & Thursday, April 6th ESTAC 1.102

Connecting Your Values and Character Strengths to Your Field of Study

This session will continue to explore how your values and character strengths can guide you into your future field of study.  You will learn how to navigate the various campus resources, such as the UTRGV Undergraduate Catalog, to learn about the various majors that are currently offered at UTRGV. 

Tuesday, April 11, BMAIN 2.236 & Thursday, April 13th ESTAC 1.102

Career Exploration

This session will identify the tools and resources that you can access to learn about what careers are most commonly associated with your field of interest.  

All sessions are scheduled from 12:15-1:15PM.  For more information about these sessions or to schedule a one-on-one session, please email univ@utrgv.edu