Vaquero Express FAQs

  • Does the bus schedule change every semester?

    We try to be consistent with our schedules from year to year. However, sometimes changes are inevitable because of demand or some other factor. When there is a major change to a route schedule or alignment, we will always conduct a public involvement meeting. This will allow the public to be involved in the decision-making for the proposed changes. We always post the current schedule on our social media platforms and UTRGV Messenger at least one week prior to the start of the semester. The current, updated schedules can always be found our website.

  • Does the Vaquero Express offer transportation when there is no school?

    Currently it is does not.  There is not enough demand to warrant continued service. This may change in the future if there is enough demand.

  • How do I report an incident or complaint on a bus I was on? How do I respond to a Star Shuttle incident while it is providing transportation for UTRGV?

    We’re always here to listen!  You can always give us a direct call to our office at (956) 665-2036. Also, we are available through email at 

    In order to address your issue quickly, we will require as much of the following information as possible:

    • The date and time you were on the bus.
    • What campus you were heading from/to
    • Bus number (usually displayed outside of the bus)
    • Detailed description of the incident
    • Description (preferably name) of the staff member, if one was involved.

    Please allow us 24 to 48 hours to respond via email.  The same procedure applies in the event of a Star Shuttle incident.

  • Is there WiFi on the buses?

    There sure is! You have free access to our WiFi. There’s no password for it. You have to log in using what is called a captive portal. Basically, connect the WiFi network named “Vaquero Express” and once connected you will be prompted to sign in using either you email address or social media and that’s it! You’re connected! If there are some connectivity issues, please feel free to email us at

  • How much does it cost to use the bus?

    Our services are free and open to the general public.

  • Do I need to present any form of ID when boarding the bus?

    Not at this time. The only question the driver may ask is if you are a student, faculty, staff, or if you’re affiliated with UTRGV.

  • May I use the bus to send items to other campus?

    Unfortunately, the bus system may not be used as a carrier service between campuses.  This is to avoid any liability incidents that may arise.

  • Why are there so many buses at the departure locations?

    To meet demand. Usually, one bus is not enough to transport the number of people who need to ride. Ridership continues growing with no plateau in sight! Which is great and we love that so many of you are using it!  We send many buses out at peak times and throughout the day to avoid anyone being left behind due to passenger capacity limits.

    We know this may cause confusion but don’t worry, we are here to help! You may always call us, email us, or send us a message on our social media platforms. For best response times, give us a call at (956)665-2036. In addition, you can always ask one of our drivers or our supervisors if they are out in the field.

  • Are the buses always on time?

    As much as we would like to guarantee our arrival times, there are factors beyond our control, such as traffic, accidents, and breakdowns, that may prevent us from being on time. We build enough cushion into the schedule to avoid being late, but it’s not always possible as anyone who’s been stuck behind a wreck on the expressway know. What we can promise is that our buses will not leave earlier than their posted departure times. We highly encourage our passengers to arrive at the bus departure locations at least 15 minutes before the departure time.

  • Can I bring an emotional support animal?

    No, only allow service animals are allowed on our buses.

  • Do I need a permit at a Park and Ride location?

    If a permit is required at any park and ride location, there will be a sign indicating this at the location. If there is no sign, no permit is required.

  • Where can I park at the Weslaco Connector stop?

    You may park in the Weslaco City Hall parking lot.

  • What do I do if I am left behind?

    If you arrive before the departure time, we will arrange for a vehicle to take you to the route destination. If you arrive after the departure time, and the bus is full then you must wait until the next departure time.

  • Can I ask to be dropped anywhere along the route?

    No. For safety reasons, our drivers are instructed only to pick up and drop off at the designated stops published on the Transportation Guide.

  • Is the schedule the same during Study Day and Finals Week?

    Yes, it is. The published times on our Transportation Guide will be the same during the Study Day and Finals Week.

  • Where can I submit a complaint or a commendation?

    We value our customers’ opinions. Please call to our office at (956) 665-2036. Also, we are available through email at

    You can also submit our Customer Experience Survey on our website.