• What is VOLT and how is it helpful to students?

    VOLT is a new service of electric vehicles that we have launched to serve our University and community. This service is helpful for those students that park in remote parking areas. Established circuits (routes) will help them get to class faster.
  • Are the VOLT vehicles eco-friendly?

    Yes, the vehicles are electric. They do not use fuel to function, they run on batteries.
  • Why is the Campus Circulator being replaced?

    Replacing the campus circulator with VOLT has allowed us to provide a more efficient service to our students.
  • Where can VOLT take me?

    The VOLT vehicles have been assigned specific circuits (routes) with designated stops. There are 3 circuits in our Edinburg campus and 2 in our Brownsville campus. Visit our site to view our campus circuits.
  • What are the hours of operation?

    The VOLT service operates from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • What is the estimated wait time and how am I able to locate a VOLT vehicle?

    The estimated time frequency is five minutes. All our VOLT vehicles are equipped with a GPS system that can be tracked with the Ride Systems app which you can download on the iOS and Android app stores.
  • What is Ride Systems?

    Ride Systems is a mobile app based intelligent transit solution (ITS) that allows users to view real-time vehicle locations at the push of a button. A live map shows the current location of all vehicles on route and provides an estimated time of arrival.  Vehicle locations are updated every few seconds. Route and vehicle icons are color-coordinated for easy identification. You can download the Ride Systems app on iOS and Android devices or access it online

  • How many passengers fit in a VOLT vehicle?

    There is a maximum capacity of 7 passengers for a standard VOLT vehicle.  Our ADA VOLT vehicles have a maximum capacity of 5 passengers, limited to 1 wheel chair space.
  • Are the VOLT drivers trained?

    Absolutely! We understand the importance of safety, therefore, we ensure our drivers are ready before transporting passengers.
  • What if I drop a personal belonging while the VOLT vehicle is in motion?

    Due to safety reasons, our drivers are instructed to only stop at the designated stops.  If you drop a personal belonging, you will be responsible for retrieving that item.
  • What if I accidentally leave a personal item behind?

    We are not responsible for any personal belonging left behind; the UTRGV Police Department handles the lost and found program.  If you leave an item behind, please call the UTRGV Police Department to see if anything was turned it to them.
  • Can I board a VOLT vehicle at locations other than the designated stops?

    Yes, but only at specific call stop locations at our Edinburg campus. See our VOLT transportation guide for details. 

  • Are the VOLT vehicles safe to ride?

    Our VOLT vehicles are Department of Transportation (DOT) approved and street legal.  Like many passenger vehicles on the road, they are equipped with seat belts, turn signals, a backup camera, headlights, and a horn.  They also include other items such as security cameras both on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. 

    UTRGV requires all of our passengers to wear their seat belts. 

  • What if I experience an uncomfortable situation while riding the vehicle?

    Report it! Our vehicles are equipped with security cameras.  If you wish to discuss this with our drivers, please let them know. If not, please contact us via email at transportation@utrgv.edu
  • Can I eat/drink while riding the VOLT vehicle?

    We do not prohibit food or drinks on the vehicles, we do however prohibit eating/drinking in the vehicles for sanitary purposes.  All vehicles are equipped with an interior security camera that can be used to identify individuals who operate outside our rules and regulations.
  • Is it safe to ride the VOLT vehicles during rainy/cold weather?

    Absolutely! Our vehicles are equipped with a cover that protects our passengers from the cold and rain. If flooding occurs, we will stop the VOLT service and implement a temporary solution.