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Skills You Will Learn and Career Paths You Can Take From In-Demand Graduate Programs At UTRGV

Friday, October 20, 2023 | 1:00 PM

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In today's fast-paced job market, it's all about having the skills that perfectly match the needs of the moment. The key to seizing the best opportunities is to stay in sync with the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. So, having the right skill set that aligns with what employers are seeking is absolutely crucial to move your career forward. 

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV), offers a range of master's programs tailored to equip you with the skills needed to thrive in today's marketplace. Let's dive into three popular graduate programs the Education Advisory Board declared offer some of the most in-demand skills. 

Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics and Data Science:

With the amount of data being generated from everything we do, it’s no surprise data is the new gold, and being able to analyze and extract insights from it makes it one of the fastest-growing fields. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the number of jobs requiring Data Science skills is expected to grow by a staggering 36% by 2031.

The Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Data Science program from UTRGV is designed to equip you with a wide array of applied statistical methods and computational tools.

Skills and Benefits:

  • Computational and statistical thinking: We'll train you to tackle complex problems and make data-driven decisions like a pro.
  • Mathematical foundations: Gain the mathematical prowess needed for advanced statistical analysis.
  • Algorithms and software foundation: Get hands-on experience with programming and efficient data processing.
  • Data curation: Learn how to collect, organize, and manage data effectively, ensuring its quality and integrity.


Data Scientist: With your expertise in data analysis, statistical inference, and machine learning, you'll excel in roles where you'll extract insights from complex data sets, develop predictive models, and drive data-driven decision-making across industries.

Statistician: Your competency in statistical thinking, mathematical foundations, and data curation will make you a valuable asset in research organizations, government agencies, and businesses, where you'll design experiments, analyze data, and provide crucial insights for informed decision-making.

Data Analyst: Armed with your proficiency in computational thinking, data visualization, and statistical analysis, you'll thrive as a data analyst, interpreting data trends, generating reports, and helping organizations derive actionable insights to improve their strategies and performance.

Discover the MS in Applied Statistics and Data Science from UTRGV. 

Master’s Degree in Computer Science:

Computer science is essential for solving complex organizational problems using technical solutions. In our modern economy, computers and technology are integrated into every economic sector, industry, and organization. Professionals in computer science roles analyze the impact of computing, design and maintain software systems, and implement computer-based processes. They leverage technical solutions to tackle complicated challenges. 

Running a modern business without utilizing computer-driven technology is difficult to say the least. That's why computer science plays a crucial role in driving innovation and progress in today's digital landscape. The Master of Science in Computer Science from UTRGV offers a rock-solid foundation in core principles while delving into specialized topics in computing.

Skills and Benefits:

  • Core computer science knowledge: We'll teach you the ABCs of algorithms, data structures, and other essential concepts.
  • Advanced study of specialized topics: Dive into the thrilling realms of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity.
  • Research opportunities: Collaborate closely with our brilliant faculty members and contribute to cutting-edge research projects.
  • Hands-on experience: Choose between a thesis or a project to gain practical skills and showcase your expertise to potential employers.


Software Engineer: Your solid foundation in core computer science principles and expertise in programming languages will equip you to develop cutting-edge software solutions, design complex algorithms, and contribute to the development of innovative technologies.

Cybersecurity Specialist: In an increasingly digital world, your knowledge of cybersecurity, network protocols, and data protection will make you an invaluable asset in safeguarding organizations' digital assets, detecting vulnerabilities, and preventing cyber threats.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer: With your specialization in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, you'll have the skills to create intelligent systems, build predictive models, and advance automation and decision-making processes across industries.

Learn more about the MS in Computer Science at UTRGV

MBA with a Concentration in Financial Planning:

When it comes to finance, being a savvy planner is the key to success. Our MBA program with a Concentration in Financial Planning equips you with a solid business foundation and specialized knowledge in personal wealth management.

Skills and Benefits:

Comprehensive financial planning: Get ready to master financial principles like a pro, from time value of money to debt management and education planning.

Wealth management expertise: Learn how to design investment portfolios, evaluate funds, and offer sound advice on wealth management strategies.

Retirement planning: Gain in-depth knowledge of retirement plans and become a go-to expert for individuals and organizations alike.


Financial Planner: Your comprehensive understanding of financial planning fundamentals, wealth management, and retirement planning will enable you to guide individuals and businesses in making informed financial decisions, ensuring their financial well-being and long-term goals.

Wealth Manager: With your expertise in investment portfolio design, evaluation, and advanced communication skills, you'll excel in assisting high-net-worth individuals and organizations in managing their assets, optimizing returns, and navigating complex financial landscapes.

Retirement Specialist: Your knowledge of retirement plans, tax planning, and effective communication will position you as a trusted advisor for individuals and corporations seeking guidance in retirement strategies, ensuring a secure financial future.

Explore the MBA in Financial Planning from UTRGV. 


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