In Person Tutoring Appointment Instructions

Sign up for an appointment via the EAB system. Please follow these instructions to ser up your appointment.
  1. Sign in to myUTRGV (username and password).
  2. Click on the EAB App: EAB
  3. On the homepage, click on the blue button: "Get assistance."
  4. For the Type of Appointment, select "Tutoring"
  5. For Pick a Service, select "Course-based tutoring"
  6. Select your location and lab.
  7. Select the course in which you need assistance.
  8. Pick a staff member: Select available tutors name or "no preference"
  9. Select an open appointment slot.

Office: Edinburg (956) 665-2585 and Brownsville (956) 882-8208


Where to find us!

Edinburg Brownsville

Video instructions are also available on the Learning Center website:

Please watch the following video to learn how to make an appointment for In-person tutoring.


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