Frequently Asked Questions

The Secret of success is to study proactively! Don't wait until the night before the test! Come to a tutoring or SI session and make efficient use of your study time.

Where is the Learning Center Located?

The Learning Center can be found at two locations. At our Edinburg campus, our office is located at the ELCTR building between the library and the science building, room 100. At our Brownsville campus, our office is located at the BMSLC, room 2.118.

What are the hours of operation for the Learning Center?

Main administration office hours are generally from 8:00 a.m.-5 p.m., but scheduling for tutoring/supplemental instruction will vary depending on tutor availability and SI leader scheduled sessions. Please call our office in Edinburg at (956) 665-2585 or our Brownsville office at (956) 882-8208. You may also find scheduling information specifically for tutoring on here on our website by following the Tutoring tab at the top of the page and then proceeding to follow the schedules tab in the drop down menu. Visit the Tutoring Lab.

Signing in and out each time you enter a Learning Center tutoring area or supplemental session is important because it helps justify the need for more services such as computers, space, and staff.

What do I do if I have an issue with a tutor or a specialist?

If the issue you are having is with a tutor, please inform the Associate Directors of the Learning Center that is designated for the campus that pertains to you. This would be Dr. Arlene Ready, Associate Director for the Learning Center in Brownsville or Dr. Michael Foster, Associate Director at our Edinburg location. Dr. Ready may be contacted by visiting the BMSLC 2.118 in Brownsville, via phone at (956) 882-7057, or e-mailed at for appointment. Dr. Foster can be reached at ELCTR 100A in Edinburg, via phone at (956) 665-3043, or e-mailed at for appointment.

Can the Learning Center help me if I have a learning disability?

Yes. We will be glad to help you just like any other student to the best of our ability. The same policies apply as far as time limit of a tutoring session and what we can and cannot do. We are able to offer tutoring, but we cannot serve as a scribe. A scribe can be obtained through the office of Student Accessibility Services, located at room 108 in the University Center in Edinburg and at room 129 in the Cortez building in Brownsville. Please click this link for contact and service information Student Accessibility Services.

What subjects are tutored?

A variety of different subjects are tutored in the Learning Center. Tutoring for math, natural sciences, social sciences, and foreign languages are available every semester. Visit our front office in Edinburg at ELCTR 100 and in Brownsville at BMSLC 2.118 for Current Schedule. You may also find scheduling information specifically for tutoring on here on our website by following the Tutoring tab at the top of the page and then proceeding to follow the schedules tab in the drop down menu. Visit the Tutoring Lab.

Are tutors available in all subjects all the time?

No, tutors are available as their schedules allow. Most tutors are peer tutors, so they may be in class, have meetings or other obligations. Subject-areas tutored vary by semester. Call the reception desk at (956) 665-2585 for our Edinburg location and at (956) 882-8208 for our Brownsville campus. You may also find scheduling information specifically for tutoring on here on our website by following the Tutoring tab at the top of the page and then proceeding to follow the schedules tab in the drop down menu. Visit the Tutoring Lab.

Why won't my tutor write corrections on my paper?

Tutors are here to help you become independent learners while maintaining academic integrity. By evaluating our suggestions, deciding what changes you would like to make, and writing on your paper yourself, you take ownership of your work and evolve as an independent learner.

Why can't I drop off my homework to be graded?

Tutors do not grade assignments. Our goal is to help you become a better student by guiding you through your questions and leading you to discover answers as an independent learner.

What if the Learning Center doesn't offer tutoring in the subject(s) I need?

Let a learning specialist or office staff, such as our administrative assistants, know. We may be able to recruit tutors in needed areas.

Are groups available?

Yes, study groups are available. If you would like to start a study group, let a tutor or learning specialist know, and we will be happy to accommodate you and your group.

How long will my tutoring session last?

You, the student, need to come prepared to ask questions to get the most benefit out of the session. Session times are limited to scheduled hours, available tutors, and subject-area.

What do I bring to a tutoring session?

You, as the student, should come with a textbook, notes, study guides, or written questions you had about an assignment. The more you specify about where your problem areas lie, the more a tutor and SI Leader can help you.

What is an SI Leader?

Have you ever wished you could do something over, knowing what you know now? That's impossible, but you can come close in SI.

SI Leaders are selected from students who have previously taken the course and done well. They know the course content and are anxious to help guide you through it while sharing what they learned about how to study. They'll be in class with you every day, hearing what you hear and reading what you read. What they won't do is lecture; their job is to help you think about the lectures you hear and the books you read, and then put it all together into some kind of perspective during SI review session so you can learn it more efficiently.

How does it work?

At each session you will be guided through course concepts by your SI Leader, a competent student who has been trained in group facilitation techniques. Rather than re-lecture or do "last minute" cramming for a test or exam, your leader will help you make good use of your study time by sharing the strategies he/she used to be successful in the course.

Since you have to study anyway, you might as well do it with friends so that you can share your knowledge and figure things out together, right? An SI Leader session is a place where you can comfortably voice your questions and concerns and get answers.

Why should I participate?

If you attend SI sessions regularly, chances are you'll earn a better grade. Research shows that students who attend SI session regularly average one half to one full letter grade higher than their classmates who choose not to attend, so attending SI could mean the difference between failing and passing. SI targets difficult courses to help give everyone enrolled in that course a chance to be better prepared throughout the semester. In addition to helping you get a better grade, the skills you develop in SI provide 'competitive edge' for future classes. The review methods and study strategies you learn while attending SI are fully transferable to other classes.

How will I know if SI is offered in my class?

On the first class day, SI Leaders introduce themselves and briefly describe the program, but even if your class doesn't have an assigned SI Leader, you are welcomed to attend SI sessions for the same course offered through a different class. To find out which courses are assigned SI Leaders, call the SI Coordinator, Mr. Armando Garza, in Edinburg at (956) 665-3782 and in Brownsville at (956) 882-6589. For further contact information please click on the provided link that will direct you to our staff contact information.

How does a faculty member work with and support an SI Leader?

  • Syllabi, assignments, and instructions can be given to an SI Leader for use in their sessions
  • Meetings with a program coordinator or your selected SI Leader can be scheduled in order to convey expectations
  • Taking students to visit the Learning Center labs or inviting an SI Leader to speak to your students

*** It is extremely helpful for faculty to provide expert advice by referring exemplary students interested in becoming an SI Leader and become part of the Learning Center team.

Statements for Syllabus

  • Faculty who wish to inform students of tutorial services offered by the Learning Center may include the following statement in their syllabus
  • The Learning Center offers academic support services for students enrolled at UTRGV. Students may visit the Learning Center tutoring centers for tutoring in math, social sciences, foreign languages, business, science. The Learning Center is located at the ELCTR building next to the library in Edinburg and at the BMSLC (Brownsville Music Science Learning Center) in Brownsville.

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