Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is an interactive process that focuses on the personal relationship created between student and coach. An academic coach helps students navigate obstacles they may encounter during their academic career by using individualized and holistic approaches. They guide students in understanding and adapting their learning behavior by challenging students to think about personal and/or professional goals as related to academic/educational goals. Academic coaches help empower students to take responsibility for your own learning.


The goals of the academic coaching program:

  • Help students thrive by adopting a holistic and transformational approach. 
  • To help students become self-reflective and determine a path toward success. 
  • Equip and empower students with context-specific methods, processes, and integrated strategic approaches to learning, problem-solving, motivation, and time management.
  • To provide Academic Coaches with campus wide support as they identify trending barriers students face. 
  • To encourage intentional departmental and hopefully systemic change with awareness of barriers faced by subpopulations of our students


Annual Program Reports

For a copy of the annual program report for the 2020-2021 academic year click here.

For a copy of the annual program report for the 2019-2020 academic year click here.

Contact Coaches

Rebecca Gonzalez - – Academic Coaching 

Hillary Abigom- – Academic Coaching 

Maritza Hernandez - – Academic Coaching 

Stephanie Leos - – Academic Coaching 

Rebecca Rosales - – Academic Coaching 

Erika Garza - – Academic Coaching 

Melena Cavazos - – Academic Coaching 

Carlos Lopez - – Academic Coaching 

Arantxa Burgos - – Academic Coaching 

Aleksis Talamante- – Academic Coaching 

For more information about academic coaching, please contact us via email:

Our academic coaches can meet with you one-on-one virtually or in-person (by appointment).

They can provide guidance on developing effective strategies that will help you with both in-person and online classes. Here is a video that you may find useful in helping you prepare and work through your online course work this semester.  It provides tips and strategies for handling online class work, as well as information on how to access other university resources.

We look forward to helping you with your academic success!  Aqui para ti! 

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