Universal Design for Learning

According to CAST, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an approach to curriculum that minimizes barriers and maximizes learning for all students. This creates a curriculum that can be used and understood by everyone. 

Questions to ask?

  • What is my Goal?
  • What do I want my students to know, do and care about?
  • What are that barriers in the classroom that interfere with my students reaching these goals?

Suggestions to Get Started

  1. Provide Multiples Means of Representation. Present content and information in multiple media.
  2. Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression. Give students different options for expressing what they know. 
  3. Provide Multiple Means of Engagement. Give students choices to fuel their interests. 

Download the Poster & Handout

Why Adopt UDL? 4 Issues Addressed Poster