Know Your RoadMap to Graduation

Vaqueros begin with the end in mind! Taking your major field of study into account, Road Maps are a suggested sequence of courses that you may take during your time at UTRGV. As you review your own Road Map, we encourage you to pay close attention to additional course prerequisites and requirements such as course sequence, course grades, classification and/or course rotation. Additionally, in connection with your Core, take a few moments to review your RoadMap and observe how your graduation pathway intersects with the Categories listed in the Core.

Academic Program Index

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Accountancy (BBA) Roadmap Blueprint
Addiction Studies (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Anthropology (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Anthropology - Archeology (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Anthropology - Global Health and Migration (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Art (Graphic Design) (BFA) Roadmap Blueprint
Art (Latin American Art) (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Art (Studio Art) (BFA) Roadmap Blueprint
Art (Teacher Certification) (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
B 19-20   Back Top
Biology (Focus in Biological Science) (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Biology (Focus in Biology with Minor) (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Biology (Teacher Certification with Focus in Life Sciences) (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Biomedical Sciences (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
C 19-20   Back Top
Chemistry (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Chemistry (Teacher Certification) (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Civil Engineering (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Clinical Laboratory Sciences (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Communication Sciences and Disorders with minor (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Communication Studies (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Communication Studies (Teacher Certification) (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Computer Engineering - General Track (BSCE) Roadmap Blueprint
Computer Engineering - Hardware Track (BSCE) Roadmap Blueprint
Computer Engineering - Software Track (BSCE) Roadmap Blueprint
Computer Science (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Criminal Justice (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
D 19-20   Back Top
Dance (Teacher Certification) (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Dance (BFA) Roadmap Blueprint
E 19-20   Back Top
Early Care and Early Childhood (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Early Care and Early Childhood (Teacher Certification) (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Economics (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Economics (BBA) Roadmap Blueprint
Electrical Engineering (BSEE) Roadmap Blueprint
Elementary Education-Bilingual (Teacher Certification) (BIS) Roadmap Blueprint
Elementary Education-ESL (Teacher Certification) (BIS) Roadmap Blueprint
Elementary Education-Special Ed (Teacher Certification) (BIS) Roadmap Blueprint
Engineering Technology (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
English (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
English (Teacher Certification) (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Entrepreneurship (BBA) Roadmap Blueprint
Environmental Sciences - Earth and Ocean Sciences (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Environmental Sciences - Environment and Society (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Environmental Sciences - Environmental Biology (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Environmental Sciences - Environmental Chemistry (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Environmental Sciences - Interdisciplinary (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Exercise Science - Free Electives (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Exercise Science - Occupational Therapy II (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Exercise Science - Physical Therapy Option I (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
F 19-20   Back Top
Finance (BBA) Roadmap Blueprint
H 19-20   Back Top
Health (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Health (Teacher Certification) (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Health Services Technology (BAT) Roadmap Blueprint
History - Minor (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
History - Multidisciplinary (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
History - (Teacher Certification) (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Hospitality and Tourism Management (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
I 19-20   Back Top
Information Systems (BBA) Roadmap Blueprint
International Business (BBA) Roadmap Blueprint
K 19-20   Back Top
Kinesiology - Athletic Training (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Kinesiology - Coaching (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Kinesiology - Option D (Minor) (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Kinesiology - Recreational Sports Managment (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Kinesiology - (Teacher Certification) (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
L 19-20   Back Top
Life Science (Teacher Certification) (BIS) Roadmap Blueprint
M 19-20   Back Top
Management (BBA) Roadmap Blueprint
Manufacturing Engineering (BSMFGE) Roadmap Blueprint
Marine Biology (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Marketing (BBA) Roadmap Blueprint
Mass Communication - Advertising and Public Relations (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Mass Communication - Broadcasting (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Mass Communication - Print Journalism (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Mass Communication (Teacher Certification) (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Materials Management and Logistics (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Mathematics Middle School (Teacher Certification) (BIS) Roadmap Blueprint
Mathematics - Applied Mathematics (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Mathematics - Economics (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Mathematics - Middle School 4th-8th (Teacher Certification) (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Mathematics - Pure Mathematics (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Mathematics - Science and Engineering (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Mathematics - Secondary School 7th-12th (Teacher Certification) (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Mathematics - Statistics (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Mechanical Engineering (BSME) Roadmap Blueprint
Mexican American Studies (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Multidisciplinary Studies (BMS) Roadmap Blueprint
Music - Guitar (Teacher Certification) (BM) Roadmap Blueprint
Music - Mariachi (Teacher Certification) (BM) Roadmap Blueprint
Music - Piano (Teacher Certification) (BM) Roadmap Blueprint
Music - Strings (Teacher Certification) (BM) Roadmap Blueprint
Music - Voice (Teacher Certification) (BM) Roadmap Blueprint
Music - Woodwinds, Brass or Percussion (Teacher Certification) (BM) Roadmap Blueprint
N 19-20   Back Top
Nursing (BSN-Generics) Roadmap Blueprint
Nursing (BSN to RN) Roadmap Blueprint
Nutritional Sciences (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
P 19-20   Back Top
Performance - Composition (BM) Roadmap Blueprint
Performance - Guitar (BM) Roadmap Blueprint
Performance - Piano (BM) Roadmap Blueprint
Performance - Strings (BM) Roadmap Blueprint
Performance - Voice (BM) Roadmap Blueprint
Performance - Woodwinds, brass or percussion (BM) Roadmap Blueprint
Philosophy (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Philosophy - Double Major or Minor (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Physics - 7th-12th (Teacher Certification) (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Physics - Biophysics/Medical Physics (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Physics - Pure and Applied Physics (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Political Science (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Psychology (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
R 19-20   Back Top
Rehabilitation Services - Addiction Studies (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Rehabilitation Services - Deaf Studies (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Rehabilitation Services - Rehabilitation Services (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
S 19-20   Back Top
Social Studies Composite (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Social Studies Composite (Teacher Certification) (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Social Work (BSW) Roadmap Blueprint
Sociology (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Spanish (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Spanish (Teacher Certification) (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Spanish Translation and Interpreting (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Statistics (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Sustainable Agriculture - Agriculture and Food Systems (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Sustainable Agriculture - Business and Policy (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Sustainable Agriculture - Food and Health (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
Sustainable Agriculture - Food and Society (BS) Roadmap Blueprint
T 19-20   Back Top
Theatre - Design (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Theatre - Performance (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Theatre - TV/Film (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
Theatre (Teacher Certification) (BA) Roadmap Blueprint
U          19-20   Back Top
Undecided Roadmap Blueprint