Admissions Requirements

Students at UTRGV are talented, compassionate, hard working, goal oriented and community minded. So when we look at applicants, we don’t simply focus on grades and test scores. We take a holistic approach to admissions so we get a well-rounded picture of who each applicant is and how they would impact our campus community.

High school graduates in the top 10 percent of their graduating class receive assured admission to UTRGV. All UTRGV entering freshman applicants will have their own admissions profile created from all the information submitted, and admissions decisions will be based on that profile and their accomplishments in high school.

Factors for review will include:

  • Class Rank
  • Prior College Hours
  • College Entrance Exams (SAT/ACT)
  • Rigor of High School Courses Completed
  • Leadership Experience
  • Community Involvement
  • Career Goals

Freshmen Profile

  • Average ACT 19.74
  • Average SAT 1030
  • 46% Rank in Top 25% of Class
  • 64.5% Begin UTRGV with Prior College Hours


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