Curricular Resources

Exam proctoring for online courses

Instructors for online courses can submit their requests for exam proctoring via a centralized system provided by the Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technology.

Computer labs available during coVid-19 outbreak

Students are encouraged to attend online courses from home, or in the car at wifi hotspots (if absolutely necessary). For exceptional cases, the following computer labs are also available (until further notice):

  • EACSB (Academic Services Building) 2.106 (OPEN LAB), 2.110, 2.120, 2.146, 2.148, 2.150, 2.158, 2.160, 2.164
  • BMAIN 1.312, 1.508, 1.514, 1.524, 2.518, 2.526

Resources for online teaching

Below are resources for online teaching, during the virus outbreak.

LaTeX resources

LaTeX is part of a typesetting system that was developed by Professor Donald Knuth to create publication quality documents that include mathematical notation. Prof. Robert Talbert developed some Introduction to LaTeX videos. Also see some basic LaTeX examples. These are both good resources to get started.

Share LaTex, is an online website that allows one to edit and compile LaTeX documents. Share LaTex provides a web interface that can be used to begin using LaTeX immediately. Their youtube channel explains how to use Share LaTeX. There is also an online equation editor you can experiment with.

It is also possible to install LaTeX on your personal computer. For more information about LaTeX please see the TUG website. In particular, the Getting Started page has information on downloading and installing LaTeX and links to plenty of documentation. The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX is particularly recommended. We recommend installing the Texlive distribution. It comes bundled with the TexWorks editor which includes it's own quick introduction to TeX. Another good editor is the TeXnic Center and the Emacs/AucTeX bundle.

College Prep Mathematics Courses

The College Prep Mathematics Courses wiki is a collection of resources dealing with the College Preparatory Mathematics course for Texas Region One and other school districts in the Rio Grande Valley and surrounding regions. This course has been co-developed with UTPA/UTB, UTB/TSC, STC, TSC, and TSTC. The primary audience for this wiki are the high schools teaching the course. You will find here resources for organizing the course, information about using the online homework systems, and other materials that may be useful to you.

Calculus Resources

Math textbook collections

Online Screencasts and Books

Lecture notes


Mathematica Resources

Mathematica is a one of the most sophisticated Computer Algebra software packages, capable of doing exact mathematical calculations from basic College Algebra problems, to elaborate Quantum Field Theory calculations. A site license makes it possible for faculty and students of the College of Sciences to use Mathematica both on campus and off campus. The site license is administered for the College of Sciences by Dr. Andras Balogh. More information and resources on using Mathematica at UTRGV is provided in the following links:

Other computational resources