Presidential Graduate Research Assistantships

The Presidential Graduate Research Assistantship provides the resources to outstanding graduate students to enhance graduate research, providing a scholarship and assistantship assignment to cover the tuition and fees of the program.  This assistantship is awarded each fall and spring semester.  

Awarded to:
New, full time graduate students who enroll in a research-based masters program.

Up to $34,780

How to Apply:
Step 1: Submit a complete graduate application online at (Including all admission requirements.)
Step 2: Email your program coordinator and express your interest in the PGRA.  To be considered, you must be recommended by the program coordinator.

Fall 2019 Deadline:
August 8, 2019

Keep in mind that the PGRA is a competitive scholarship so the sooner you complete your graduate application, the better chance you have at getting awarded.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I be notified if I am a recipient of the PGRA?
You will be notified via email. A PGRA award letter will be sent to you from your program coordinator.

Can the PGRA be combined with the Dean’s New Graduate Enrollment Incentive Scholarship or any other fellowship?
No, the PGRA cannot be combined with the Dean’s Scholarship or with any other graduate fellowship such as those from the NIH, NSF, DOD or USDA.

How will the PGRA award be distributed?
Year 1: $12,000 in stipend over 12 months plus up to $6,890 in scholarship to cover tuition & fees for up to 18 credit hours taken 9 per semester; students register for a zero-credit research experience course in the summer [$18,890 total]
Year 2: students fulfilling all PGRA expectations outlined below for year 1 will be eligible to receive Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) at $1,000 per month for two semesters plus up to $6,890 scholarship to cover tuition & fees for up to 18 credit hours taken 9 per semester [$15,890 total]

Can I be considered for the PGRA if I am applying into a Doctoral program?
No, the PGRA is only for new, full time graduate students who enroll in a research based masters program. 

What are the expectations if I receive this award?
To continue to receive PGRA funding from semester to semester, all student awardees are required to:

  • Submit a completed research proposal and Thesis Committee Form before the end of the first semester;
  • Submit a research progress report before the end of the second semester and every semester thereafter; and
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.30
  • Comply with the UTRGV Assistantship requirements
  • F1 visa holders are required to pay the mandatory health insurance. Find more information here.

Additional Questions:
For any additional questions you can email