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Pursue public administration jobs with an online MPA degree

Thursday, October 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM

You completed your bachelor’s degree and are looking at a career in the public sector. A master’s in public administration will get you much further than just a bachelor’s degree will. There are hundreds of jobs to choose from, ranging from simple analysis work to a city manager position of a huge urban area. No matter what your interest, an MPA degree can help you find the job you want in the field of public administration.

Public administration careers: when money is not always the motivation

Although salaries in the public sector are roughly comparable to those in the private sector, many people enjoy serving in public administration jobs because they like interacting with the public as well as feeling like they are performing a service. They get to watch as their suggestions are turned into policy that may even be adopted elsewhere. The other advantage is that there are so many different specialties in the field of public administration. The main limitation is one’s interest in a particular field; jobs can range from doing policy analysis and working with statistics to being the chief administrative officer of a county. You might be doing research or helping to plan where the next subdivision will go in your town.

Working with nonprofits

Even if one chooses to leave the public sector, nonprofits also look for people with an MPA degree. These people have the ability to navigate the system so that a nonprofit does not violate the law, and such professionals smooth the path for local activities. Program coordinators, program managers and marketing specialists are all jobs that can put MPA graduates to good use. If making a difference is a career goal, then you should consider working on a master’s in public administration.

An MPA can shape your future career

For those who are serious about working in public administration as a career rather than just a job, an MPA can be an excellent start toward success. With many public administration jobs requiring an MPA for promotion purposes, you can start in a non-administrative job and work on your degree while supporting yourself and loved ones.

Many avenues are available to those with master’s degrees, but a master’s in public administration is for those who have decided that public service is a calling for them. For those who enjoy shaping public policy and planning, as well as building relationships with the public, a master’s in public administration may be an excellent way to establish themselves and not just get a paycheck but also build a meaningful career.

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