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Public administration job options for an MPA graduate

Tuesday, June 09, 2015 | 12:00 AM

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 16 million full-time employees of state and local governments. The U.S. Federal Government employs an additional three million employees. There is no shortage of opportunities in the public sector. Public administration jobs also include those in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work for the public good as well as non-profit organizations. A master’s in public administration(MPA) is the standard for many public service jobs.

Federal Government opportunities

An MPA degree opens up career opportunities at all levels of government. In the past, members of the president’s cabinet have held MPA degrees. Other public administration jobs at the federal level include positions in national security, foreign services, taxation, regulation and management.

City managers and county executives

Another option for people interested in advancing their public administration careers is city management. City managers serve the residents of their city by planning, organizing and implementing projects and services that will benefit residents and businesses. City managers report to the city council and mayors. County executives administer funds and manage services of their county. They plan and implement community renewal projects and participate in land-use planning. They also oversee the human resource needs of their county.

Non-profit opportunities

Non-profits rely on executives and administrators to direct fundraising opportunities and plan programs for awareness or outreach. Administrators will oversee public relations and manage the relationship between the community and the organization.

Be a public administration consultant

Consultants offer their public administration expertise to state and local government entities as well as non-profits. They analyze operations and make recommendations to improve efficiency and meet goals. Consultants also advise on different sources to obtain funding and they assist in developing policy.

Need for educators in public administration

Another option for someone with an MPA degree is to teach public administration. As the popularity of MPA degree programs rises, the need for educators will grow with it. There is a global demand for professors in public administration programs.

There are several other public administration job options for an MPA graduate. MPA degree holders can look forward to careers in a variety of public service sectors. City, county, state and federal government bodies all employ public administrators. Non-profit organizations as well as NGOs also need public administrators. MPA graduates also work as professors in universities around the world or they can be self-employed and work as consultants on long- and short-term projects.

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