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Interested in a Career in Public Administration? Read on

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Public administrators comprise the fields in society that serve the general public. They are responsible for managing city budgets, developing policy and determining the needs of the public. Public administrators serve in all forms of government, from small counties to the federal government. There are several career options available for an individual interested in public service. Working adults who have been contemplating a career in public administration can make that move, regardless of their undergraduate studies. An online MPA degree program can assist professionals in making a transition to a career in public administration without disrupting their current career or other priorities.

Learn the foundations of public administration

Many professional adults make the decision to go back to school to earn the master’s degree. Quite often, they pursue a new course of study from their undergraduate work. Working professionals who decide to pursue their master’s in public administration can take a foundation course in public administration. This is a required course for anyone pursuing an online MPA degree whose bachelor’s degree is an unrelated field.

Complete coursework online

The foundation course examines the foundation of public administration in the United States. It provides a clear understanding of the role public administrator’s play so individuals can be successful in the MPA coursework. Online coursework balances the demands of maintaining a job and a family or other personal responsibilities with the time and commitment it takes to complete a master's degree. An online MPA degree is a flexible option for working adults who want to enhance their career or pursue a new field.

There are several career options available for graduates of an MPA program

Public administrators fill a number of roles, such as analyzing information, managing people, investigating criminal activity or acting as consultants. Consulting has been one of the fastest growing public administration fields. Consultants analyze an organizations data and make recommendations to increase efficiency. A public administration professional can find a job in a number of government agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Public administrators are public servants

A master’s of public administration opens the door for professionals to become involved in the work of their city, county or state by serving the good of the public through implementing and studying public policy, laws and regulations. For those who are interested in public service but lack academic or professional experience, a foundation course in public administration lays the groundwork for a career in public administration. And, thanks to technology, online learning makes earning an MPA degree that much more convenient.

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