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Grant writing courses as part of a master’s degree in healthcare administration

Tuesday, September 08, 2015 | 12:00 AM

A person who is studying online for a Master of Science in Health Sciences in health care administration benefits in a number of ways from taking a course in grant writing. He or she will need to know how to write effective grant proposals to get the proper funding for various hospital projects. Writing a thorough grant proposal can help a healthcare facility get the funding needed to create or renew important programs that serve the public. The more skills a healthcare administrator has in writing grant proposals, the more likely it is the facility will get the needed funds to provide quality patient care.

The specific skills taught in grant writing classes

Students studying how to write grant proposals are taught what elements to include in the document. For instance, they need to convince the organization that is offering the grant that their healthcare facility is deserving of the funding. Students learn how to outline the specific ways that a healthcare facility would use the grant money. In addition, students learn the proper format of a grant proposal as well as how to create a grant proposal that stands out from all of the others under consideration. Students will discover how to locate organizations and businesses that are offering grants to healthcare facilities.

Grant writing skills add to an administrator’s value in the workplace

A person with a master’s in healthcare administration who knows how to write grant proposals is of great value in the eyes of many employers in the industry. A person who is effective at getting additional funding for a hospital or other healthcare facility can help boost the reputation of the organization. Additionally, a healthcare facility is able to expand and hire more employees if it has the money to do so. A professional who can help a facility achieve those goals is likely to have the advantage in a job interview over another professional who has no grant writing experience.

Grant writing helps an administrator establish professional connections

A busy healthcare administrator may write dozens of grant proposals per year. It is unlikely that all of those grant proposals will be accepted. However, the healthcare administrator who is writing the proposals is forming relationships with members of those organizations. It is possible that the administrator’s facility and one of the organizations offering a grant could collaborate on a project in the future.

Grant writing courses can help a healthcare administrator serve the facility where he or she is employed. If the person pursues work at another facility, he or she will have valuable experience and skills to offer. Healthcare administrators with excellent writing skills are in demand in the healthcare industry.


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