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An M.Ed. in Special Education for working teachers

Friday, September 04, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Furthering your education as a teacher is difficult because most degree programs are only offered during standard business hours. With many states and school systems requiring teachers to complete continuing education programs, it is not only beneficial for your job prospects to go back to school, it could make a big difference in your income. Earning a Master of Education in Special Education may be the answer. There may even be grant money available to help fund a master's degree for teachers. With the flexibility of an online program that is designed for those currently teaching, you could achieve this goal without having to take a break from classroom teaching.

Benefits of an M.Ed. in Special Education

Earning a master's degree as a teacher offers many benefits. Further education can help you be more effective when working with students. Even if you are already teaching, earning a higher degree can increase your salary level. Beyond income potential, a master's degree for teachers can also make you a more attractive job candidate. In today's job market, any advantage may help you find a better position.

Job outlook for special education teachers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for special education teachers is growing, but slower than average compared to other fields. By earning an M.Ed. in Special Education, you may be able to set yourself apart from other applicants in the field. In tighter job markets, both higher education and level of experience may help your job search.

Online programs offer flexibility

For those who are already teaching in a classroom, the idea of heading back to school may sound intimidating. An online M.Ed. in Special Education offers flexibility so you can continue teaching while you learn. By taking your courses remotely, you will likely be able to participate in courses from any location provided you have internet access. The ability to earn an advanced degree in your chosen location and typically on your schedule can make continuing your education much more convenient.

Teachers make a difference in the lives of students on a daily basis. As regulations require that continuing education credits are earned by the teachers who are currently in the classroom, a master's degree for teachers may be a better option than other professional development over the course of your career. By completing a master's degree for teachers online, you can give yourself the flexibility of an online education along with a wider array of future career options.


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