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What Makes an Online Degree for Teachers Affordable?

Tuesday, December 08, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Teachers often find themselves with little time to complete everything they need to, let alone what they want to teach their students. When they look to their own education, it can be difficult to see where graduate coursework or continuing education might fit into a busy schedule. Additionally, the cost becomes a driving factor when considering how and when to pursue a master's degree in education. An online degree can be an affordable solution for teachers looking to further their education and expand their knowledge.

Cost savings with an online degree

There can often be a hidden cost savings with online coursework. When pursuing a master's degree in education online, teachers don't have to worry about costs associated with a commute to a brick-and-mortar campus. Some online courses also offer digital materials that can replace traditional textbooks. Online courses can be accessed after the work day and on weekends, so that teachers don't have to miss class time or give up their jobs.

Online degrees offer more flexibility

Courses for a master's degree in education, including a master's degree in special education, can be taken during the school year without the need for late nights of class after a long work day. Coursework can also be done on the weekend and courses can be accessed at any time. That flexibility means that teachers don't have to spend their entire summer taking courses, freeing them up for other pursuits.

Use your network

Finally, teachers already have a network of co-workers, administration, and peers from undergraduate courses that they can rely on for help, discussion and sharing ideas. This means that there is less need for teachers pursuing a master's degree in education to be on campus meeting people and spending time networking. Teachers can take courses online, which gives them more time to spend on their coursework. When needed, they can then draw on their existing network rather than spending valuable time creating a support network from the ground up.

Many factors make an online degree for teachers more affordable. The cost savings and flexibility of online courses can be very beneficial for a teacher working toward a master's degree in education, especially with the busy schedule teachers often have. Working with existing peers and co-workers, often in the same specialty area, adds to the benefits of an online degree.

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