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Career Options with an M.Ed. In Special Education

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Several career options await individuals who earn a master’s degree in special education online. Depending on the individual’s specific career goals, a master’s in special education does not necessarily restrict educators to the classroom. This type of master’s degree is an excellent form of professional development for teachers, but it can also be a good choice for those seeking different careers such social- or clinical work.

Special Education Teacher

The most obvious choice for someone with an online master’s degree in special education is to become a special education teacher. These teachers work with students in varying grade levels with different forms of learning-, mental- and physical difficulties. Special education teachers might work in traditional public or private schools in self-contained special education classrooms for students who need a high degree of emotional or physical help. Alternatively, special education teachers might work in schools devoted entirely to students with special needs.

Director of Special Education

Another form of professional development for teachers with a master’s in special education is to become a school’s special services program director. Typically, a director of special education has several years of teaching experience. A master’s degree in special education will further equip candidates for directorships to handle planning, organizing and administering a school’s special education program.

Social and Human Services Case Manager

Graduates of special education master’s programs who want to work outside a school setting should consider the field of social and human services, where they can help as case managers for children and adult clients with certain types of disabilities who rely on family services, government programs or nonprofit organizations. Case managers organize these services for clients with mental and emotional disabilities who need assistance with rehabilitation, therapy, daily living and employment.

Clinical Services

Educators who have earned an online master’s degree in special education may also pursue clinical services careers in settings such as hospitals, group homes, day facilities, clinics or other offices. Career options include program directors and developmental specialists who coordinate services for children and adults with special needs.

Earning a master’s degree in special education opens the doors to career opportunities in both educational- and clinical settings. Educators with master’s degrees in special education have the opportunity to work with students from early childhood through high school, or they may choose to work with adults with special needs. As the number of individuals requiring services for special needs rises, so does the demand for professionals who can provide those services.

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