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An affordable online M.Ed. in Special Education can give your career a boost

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Getting an advanced degree is a great way to move your career forward. However, working education professionals face several challenges in pursuing advanced degrees, including a lack of time, family obligations and financial concerns. If you feel like you do not have the time or money to pursue an advanced degree, you should know that a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Special Education is both attainable and affordable.

Why should you pursue an M.Ed. in Special Education?

Special education is a unique professional sector that requires dedicated professionals who are willing to work with a challenging population of children who have disabilities and developmental challenges. While compassion, dedication and patience are required for this type of work, advanced education can also be very beneficial. Attaining an M.Ed. credential not only benefits the students you work with but can increase your career opportunities as well. You can expand your skills in key special education areas, such as learning to work with children and adults with developmental delays and autism, language and visual impairments, behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, orthopedic disabilities or other disorders.

Is an online Special Education M.Ed. affordable?

An online Special Education M.Ed. is surprisingly affordable. At most universities, the cost compares favorably with other education-related M.Ed. programs. For example, many graduate degrees in other educational specialties, such as curriculum and instruction or educational technology, cost twice the tuition of an M.Ed in Special Education. The affordability of this degree can make it a good investment because the average salary of teachers with an M.Ed. is about five percent higher than special education teachers with only a bachelor’s degree.

How can you have time to pursue an advanced degree?

In many cases, professional educators simply do not have the time available to pursue their graduate education in the traditional classroom-based university setting with a fixed schedule. In the past, this challenge was a significant obstacle; however, it simply no longer exists with the many available online education opportunities that exist today. Online programs are generally much more flexible than traditional ones, allowing busy educators to pursue advanced degrees on their own schedule.

The key to advancing your career in special education is obtaining a graduate degree. The affordability, availability and convenience of online M.Ed. programs mean that the degree is attainable by anyone with the requisite ability and motivation.

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