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5 Areas a Teacher Can Improve With a Master’s Degree

Wednesday, December 07, 2016 | 12:00 AM

If you are a teacher interested in expanding your career opportunities, earning an online Master of Education degree is a great way to increase your salary potential, build your skill set and invest in your own professional development.

1. Make a Higher Salary

Educators who earn master’s degree in education are valuable employees. Schools actively recruit and retain committed teachers, and they are willing to pay for expertise. When a teacher earns a master’s degree, he or she will usually be offered a higher salary–sometimes up to a 15 percent increase, depending on the state and specific location of the school.

2. Learn New Classroom Methods

The most effective teachers commit themselves to learning new skills for the classroom. As research continues to drive education practices in schools, a teacher with a master's degree in education will be familiar with the latest teaching methods and philosophies. As such, graduate level teachers are likely to be even more effective in creating meaningful learning experiences for their students.

3. Make an Impact on a Wide Range of Learners

Candidates earning an online master’s degree in education will learn how to facilitate academic success for many different types of students. Teachers learn how to modify classroom design as well as how to utilize technologies and alternative curricula to support students with learning disabilities.

4. Be a Valuable Member of the Educational Community

When you earn an online master’s degree in education, you expand your voice within the educational community. As you grow your knowledge and experience in the classroom, you gain important perspective that impacts your students as well as your peers and colleagues. School principals and administrators view teachers who have earned advanced degrees as experts in the field of education.

5. Open Doors for New and Exciting Jobs

Many principals, assistant principals or other school administrators begin their education careers as teachers. Educators with master’s degrees become viable candidates for management or higher-level positions within a school district. If you are interested in exploring the education community beyond the classroom, a master’s degree will help you qualify for many different employment opportunities.

If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children, pursuing a master's degree in education is a great way to establish yourself as a voice within the academic community, earn a higher salary, demonstrate a commitment to your own professional development and increase the impact you have on both students and colleagues.

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