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Why Hispanics Should Consider an MBA

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can provide many benefits, including opportunities for career advancement, additional work responsibilities and a higher salary. Many employers are looking to recruit individuals who have earned advanced business degrees. In particular, Hispanics who earn an MBA are in demand as more and more businesses seek diversity in their workforce, particularly at the management level.

The increasing need for Hispanic MBAs

An MBA works for Hispanic professionals

Historically, enrollment in MBA programs remains low among Hispanics and other minority groups. In fact, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), Hispanics were the second-largest underrepresented U.S. population group in business school in 2014. As companies continue to expand into international markets, there will be more demand for Hispanic MBAs and other minorities who can offer diverse perspectives, communicate in more than one language and offer insight into cultural differences that affect how business is conducted. Because Hispanics make up such a small proportion of graduate enrollments (less than 9 percent in 2013, according to a report by the Council of Graduate Schools), Hispanic MBAs are more likely to stand out to prospective employers versus those who only have bachelor's degrees.

There are many advantages for Hispanics MBAs. The National Association for Hispanic MBAs works with students to get scholarships and find post-graduation jobs. Furthermore, earning an MBA can increase salary and could provide better job satisfaction. Students who are also fluent in multiple languages see an increase in job opportunities because of a high demand for a global business network as well as shifting demographics in the U.S.

An MBA program can be an attractive option for mid-career professionals who want to advance their careers, but it can also be an expensive one. Fortunately, the National Society of Hispanic MBAs works with students to obtain scholarships and find jobs after graduation, making the decision to return to graduate school even easier. The majority of Hispanic students who enroll in graduate school have work experience, and many work full-time while pursuing their MBA. An online MBA program can provide students with a flexible schedule to help balance work, family and school.

Considering the increasing demand for students from diverse backgrounds who also have keen business acumen, a Hispanic MBA graduate is likely to be a top job candidate at any company.

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