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What to Expect in an MBA in International Trade Program

Friday, August 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM

A Master of Business Administration can be a sound investment in your future. For those interested in working with international firms, an MBA in International Trade can provide you with the education you need.

What to Expect

You can expect online MBA programs offering this degree to require courses in a number of areas:

  • Global Economies and Markets. This coursework will familiarize you with economies and markets from around the world. It will give you the background information you need to understand what makes an economy strong, where your product or service will fit, and how competitors can affect the market.
  • International Managerial Accounting. Not every country classifies assets or uses accounting treatments the same way. Managing a company or brand in the international marketplace relies on determining relevant details like these before you commit to a transaction. This type of coursework in an MBA in International Trade program offers the starting point aspiring managers need to begin exploring these issues fully.
  • International Commerce Law. The laws governing goods moving in, out and within a country’s borders are different everywhere. To be an effective manager in international trade, you must understand those differences.
  • Data Security. In a global enterprise, stakeholders around the globe share data. Knowing the types of breaches that can occur, as well as how to prevent them, is an important managerial skill. Because other specialists will actually design the security protocols for your data, an MBA in International Trade can help you communicate with all the stakeholders in the security process, both in your own country and beyond.
  • Global Business Strategy. Business strategies must address a global economy. What works in one country or geographic region may not work in another; the alliances that pave the way for business in one part of the world may hinder it in others. To manage effectively, you must view the market globally and consider your brand as one small part. The perspective you gain in an online MBA program can help you map out a strategy for your brand that will succeed no matter where you operate.
  • International Marketing. Coursework in international marketing is an important part of an MBA in International Trade program. The best advertising speaks to cultural norms and trends. If you do not know these, or lack the knowledge and tools to discover them, you will not be able to mount a successful marketing campaign.

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Source: International Trade Administration (ITA)

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