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What Is an Online MBA in Healthcare Administration?

Friday, August 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM

An MBA in Healthcare Administration is a valuable degree if you want to make fast progress with your career in the healthcare field. A Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration degree gives you a solid background in the skills needed to work at jobs involving human resources management, healthcare accounting, marketing and more. Pursing this MBA online is a convenient way to prepare yourself for career advancement while keeping your current job.

Background Needed for a Career in Healthcare Administration

The healthcare field is rapidly expanding. An MBA in Healthcare Administration is a way to prepare for a rewarding career in this industry. This type of job can be quite demanding, which is why you need a solid educational background to prepare for it. Some of your responsibilities as a healthcare administrator may include:

  • Planning budgets for doctor’s offices or hospitals
  • Recruiting, supervising and assisting nurses, doctors and assistant administrators
  • Participating in marketing and fundraising for hospitals
  • Managing medical records
  • Overseeing information systems
  • Managing human resources departments

These are just some of the duties that healthcare administrators typically have. An MBA in Healthcare Administration will help to prepare you for these and other tasks.

Career Outlook for Healthcare Administrators

With the consistent growth of the healthcare industry, having an MBA in Healthcare Administration can qualify you for a number of high-paying careers. According to the latest statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for health services managers is $94,500. This is considerably more than you could hope to earn in a healthcare job not requiring a master’s degree. Your salary, of course, will depend on many factors, such as your specific job title and the type of office or institution that employs you.

Advantages of an Online Master’s Degree Program

If you are committed to obtaining your MBA in Healthcare Administration, one of the most sensible choices is to find a suitable online program. This is a way to study that won’t conflict with your busy schedule, which may include a family and/or full-time job. An online MBA for healthcare professionals will allow you to participate in coursework when it’s most convenient for you. There are several key benefits to online study:

  • Your tuition costs will be significantly lower than a traditional program
  • You will have access to the latest advances in technology, such as online platforms with video conferencing that allows you to communicate with professors
  • You have a wide choice of programs around the country, as you are not limited by geography
  • Online degrees are now widely respected and recognized by employers

As jobs in the healthcare industry continue to grow, it makes sense to seek ways to improve your job prospects. Obtaining an online MBA for healthcare professionals is a way to become qualified for many rewarding positions. There are now many online degree programs that will allow you to obtain this degree in the most convenient way possible.

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