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3 Reasons for Accountants to Consider an MBA

Thursday, November 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Accounting is a unique talent because it is necessary in almost all industries, from a small catering business to a huge conglomerate of international companies. Although earning a CPA used to be the pinnacle of success, today’s ambitious accountants are looking further into an online Master of Business Administration. With this higher degree, accountants may find a world of opportunities that were not possible before.

1. Earn a corporate or government position

Applying for a corporate or government position may have been futile in the past, with so many qualified applicants vying for employers’ attention. Using your online MBA program qualifications, you may have a better chance at a lucrative position. A master’s degree gives you insight into management styles, ethics and other abstract business concepts. Using this knowledge along with accounting expertise makes you a possible favorite with competitive industries. Crunching numbers with the ability to improve them is a distinct talent.

2. Open up more opportunities worldwide

If an international position is your goal, an MBA for accountants is your possible ticket to success. As the world seems to shrink with global communication and trade, accountants are necessary to bridge the gap between multiple offices throughout the world. Numbers must match and remain steady for global success. If you are bilingual, this talent could make you even more desired. Large companies want to infiltrate various markets across the world, but they cannot achieve this without smart accounting and business sense.

3. Business advising becomes your key skill

Although accounting is your passion, you have other talents besides crunching numbers. A master’s degree harnesses your talents and applies them strategically to achieve a business’s financial goals. You could use your expertise to advise a CFO on smart ways to alter a company’s strategies and plans to experience a more positive money flow, for example. Financial advising and managing an accounting department are just two talents you could cultivate with a higher degree. Instead of offering solutions in a meeting, you could be mandating them for an entire corporation, making a huge difference for hundreds of employees.

Using an online program for success

Earning a master’s degree with today’s technology isn’t complicated. With an online program, you choose when to study and complete assignments. The entire course schedule is available as it begins, allowing you to plan your time accordingly. There are normally no major breaks between semesters, meaning you do not have to wait for years to complete an MBA.

An MBA for accountants is more important than ever, so making an effort to research an online school is imperative. With so many start dates available year-round, there is no excuse not to earn that higher degree. Soon, you may be on your way to a fulfilling career and a bright future in the world of accounting.

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