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An online MBA for healthcare professionals

Tuesday, June 09, 2015 | 12:00 AM

One of the greatest challenges facing doctors and nurses today is navigating the business aspect of healthcare. An online Master of Business Administration for healthcare professionals can give doctors and nurses business perspective to complement their existing clinical skills.

Convenience and flexibility

A traditional classroom setting requires attending classes in person based on the university’s scheduled offerings. Students incur the additional costs and headaches of driving to class and finding parking. An online program’s classes and assignments can be accessed and submitted from anywhere with an Internet connection at almost any time of day.

Because doctors and nurses often have varied schedules and family obligations, many are taking advantage of the flexibility available in an online MBA for healthcare professionals. They are able to gain valuable business knowledge while balancing their professional and home lives.

Leading with compassion and business sensibility

Earning an MBA in Healthcare Administration gives doctors and nurses more clout regarding boardroom decision-making. Doctors and nurses with an MBA are in unique positions to balance patient needs along with fiscal responsibility to their organizations.

Whether you are in a private practice or working for a large hospital, an MBA provides a useful background in optimizing operations. Making decisions to buy and finance equipment, hiring and managing staff, or establishing policy are all made possible by the in-depth education an MBA for healthcare professionals provides.

Career benefits available with an MBA for healthcare professionals

Many healthcare professionals can benefit from an MBA. The salary for a doctor or nurse who also possesses an MBA is typically higher. An MBA for healthcare professionals also opens doors to healthcare administrative leadership or medical entrepreneurship. For healthcare professionals who enjoy growing and learning, an online MBA program can fulfill the desire to continue education, while adding real, valuable skills and knowledge.

An MBA for healthcare professionals can provide additional practical skills, a strong job market, and the personal satisfaction of working in an industry that provides a vital service to the community.


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