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Learn More About Social Media Strategy With an MBA

Friday, April 01, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Social media for business is here to stay, and it is becoming an integral part of many companies’ overall marketing strategies. In fact, 8 out of 10 small businesses rely on social media for marketing and promotion. Given this rising importance, prospective MBA students should consider online MBA programs that offer social media courses.

Learn about social media strategy with an online MBA program

Why Studying Social Media in an MBA Is Important

Marketing a business via social media platforms is equal parts art and science. Any successful social media marketing campaign relies on market data and analytics as well as careful attention to trending topics and public interest. In fact, handled incorrectly, social media can actually harm a business. When companies hire social media strategists, they expect thorough understanding of every effective social media platform. Someone who has casually used Facebook for a few years may not have the expertise companies need.

What to Expect From Social Media Courses

In an online MBA program, students study the basics of branding, customer service, content creation and reputation management. A company’s social media presence becomes an indelible aspect of its public persona, so every interaction must maintain brand identity. Crafting a mission statement and using social media platforms to support it requires the advanced knowledge available in social media courses in online MBA programs.

Social media trends develop rapidly, and there is no guarantee that today’s hottest platform will still be relevant tomorrow. Consequently, business leaders need people who can analyze the digital media landscape and make good decisions about how to use company resources. Social media strategists must be able to recognize both developing and expiring trends.

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