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Gain a Better Understanding of International Commerce Law

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The growth of the global economy has fueled the need for those who know international business law. It is no longer enough to be able to manage events so that they fall within the boundaries of a single country’s laws. With business being done on a worldwide scale, it is necessary to ensure that transactions stand up to the scrutiny of legal systems around the world.

Courses to Take

To gain a better understanding of international business law, many professionals turn to Master of Business Administration degree programs. An MBA in International Trade is a logical choice for this discipline; coursework for the degree includes topics such as international business and commerce law, customs laws, and international contract law. Degree candidates can expect to study the following elements of international legal principles:

  • Identifying parties in financial transactions, including the roles each plays in reaching an agreement and enforcing a contract.
  • Understanding the role of individual and corporate rights between countries in international agreements.
  • Specifying corporations’ and governments’ property rights in international territories.
  • Managing and resolving the filing of grievances.

Other Ways to Study International Commerce Law

In addition to the courses required for an MBA in International Trade or international law, you can also find information about cases in progress or international law in the news at sources such as The Wall Street Journal. This paper, like The Financial Times and The New York Times, will help you become familiar with the most recent business developments across the globe.

Particularly relevant to aspiring international trade professionals are the cases involving emerging markets or markets that have recently opened to trade with new partners. As each market becomes more involved with a greater number of trading partners, situations that require legal guidance arise. The settlements for these situations set the precedents for new situations as they arise.

If you are interested in settlements in a particular country, begin with a legal decision from that country and study its background as the starting point of a larger investigation of this country and its stance on international business law.

In addition to taking courses on international law and following international business journals, it is also wise to explore the information available through the American Bar Association or the International Chamber of Commerce. Each of these organizations publishes journals, creates committees, and offers papers on international business law.

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