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3 Jobs for an MBA in Healthcare Administration

Monday, August 08, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The healthcare industry is growing, and this growth is leading to a demand for proficient professionals able to fill positions that come with vast opportunities and job security. Qualified individuals can expect to be considered for positions that range from management to executive and do not necessarily require prior medical experience.

Completion of an online MBA in healthcare is a great way to prove you are well-versed in the challenges of overseeing a medical practice, healthcare facility or health organization. Healthcare MBA jobs are varied enough so that most can find a career track they will enjoy for an extended period of time. Of course, those with medical backgrounds may slide into department head vocations, but so can someone with outstanding credentials. If numbers interest you, the search is on for financial officers; or if data is your specialty, health information technology positions are available, too. The following are three examples of these intriguing positions.

1. Hospital Administrator

The challenges facing hospitals are real and abundant; therefore, they require professionals that are not faint of heart. A hospital administrator is charged with the task of assuring his or her medical facility is providing efficient patient care, driving the costs of operation down and remaining within the limits of applicable laws. As an administrator, you can expect to be involved in various human resources aspects, too, such as hiring. You will also have a hand in developing budgets and implementing the latest medical procedures.

The healthcare administrator works behind the scenes pulling the threads that keep the show running smoothly. In addition to the skills a healthcare MBA will provide, outstanding communication and problem-solving skills are also great assets.

2. Health Informatics Manager

Ever since the healthcare industry was mandated to digitize all of its medical records, the demand for individuals qualified to handle the influx of data has risen. As a health informatics manager, you can expect to work with large data sets that must be organized, analyzed and correctly interpreted. This data, in many cases, will be used to develop and implement strategies aimed at improving patient care, lowering operation costs and delivering statistics to appropriate parties in a readable report.

Additionally, you may be asked to maintain the facility’s hardware and software ensuring they are up to date and running at all times.

3. Hospital CFO

The hospital CFO is the person who deals with a medical facility’s finances. Every dollar that enters and every dollar that leaves must be accounted for and utilized in the most productive manner, making a love of number-crunching a plus. Most likely, you will be charged with record-keeping, budget development and running reports that will be presented to others on the executive leadership team.

No matter what direction you decide to take, completion of an online MBA in healthcare can open doors to a variety of healthcare jobs. Healthcare MBA jobs such as a hospital administrator, health informatics manager and hospital CFO may be obtainable without a medical background.

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