The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Enrolling in 15- Hours

At UTRGV, there are several benefits to enrolling in at least 15 hours per semester:

The Extra Class is Free!

DID YOU KNOW... UTRGV’s in-state tuition and fees cap at 12 hours per semester?

That means any additional courses a student enrolls in after 12 hours are free (excluding books and special course fees).

So, if a student enrolls in 15 hours, the extra class is free. If a student enrolls in 18 hours, the two extra classes are free.

Save Thousands of Dollars!

DID YOU KNOW... An incoming freshman who started Fall 2015 and takes 15 hours per semester (excluding summer school) would save over $7000 compared to a student taking 12 hours a semester, and graduate a full year earlier. All from taking just one class more a semester!

Graduate On Time!

DID YOU KNOW... According to Complete College America, students who enroll in 15 hours or more are much more likely to graduate on time than those enrolling in 12 hours or less?

The report also states that students who enroll in 12 hours or less are more likely to drop out before graduating than those who enroll in 15 hours.

Graduating early means more time to attain an advanced degree, travel or start working full-time.

Remember, while we encourage all our students to enroll in 15 hours per semester, some of the benefits above only apply to those students paying in-state tuition. If you have any questions, please speak to your advisor.