If a student chooses not to attend a class or classes, he or she is responsible for officially dropping or withdrawing. A student may drop a single class online in ASSIST. If a student has already dropped six classes, the drop will not be allowed.

Students who wish to drop ALL of their classes are withdrawing. Contact the U Central to completely withdraw from the University.  Students who decide not to attend and do not officially notify U Central will be responsible for tuition, fees and any other circumstances resulting from failure to officially drop or withdraw.

Students must not assume that they will “automatically” be dropped from their classes if they do not attend or do not pay.  If a student has requested some form of financial assistance, payment may have been posted to his or her account. 

Additional Information

Students who register for classes, decide not to attend, and do not withdraw through ASSIST or U Central before the beginning of the semester will be responsible for tuition and fees as designated by the withdrawal policy regardless of amount paid or not paid for classes. 

Students may drop a class without it counting toward their six drops if it is dropped prior to the census date.  The census date for each term is noted on the academic calendar.  Courses dropped after the census date will count toward the six drops and will be noted on the transcript with a grade of “DR.”  Students must drop or withdraw by the deadline for each semester.  That deadline is posted on the university’s academic calendar.