Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports gives students, faculty & staff, and alumni the opportunity to participate in sport leagues, tournaments and special events that foster leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship.

We offer a wide array of events throughout the year, so sign up today!

This program provides an exciting opportunity for all members to participate together in sports and events during the Fall and Spring semesters. University Recreation encourages fair play, participation, lifelong learning, and opportunities for all.


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Intramural events are open to currently enrolled UTRGV students and UTRGV faculty/staff and alumni with an UREC membership. Their spouses are also eligible for intramural play, provided they also have a current UREC membership. 


Intramural events are open to UTRGV students taking at least 1 credit in Brownsville and TSC students, and UTRGV/TSC faculty, staff, and alumni with a Recreation Center membership with Texas Southmost College. Their spouses are eligible for intramural play, provided they also have a current Recreation Center membership.


Form your own team with friends or register as a free agent. Free agents have three options.

Check the UTRGV IM Leagues page for your chosen league for a list of other eligible free agents and contact them about forming a team.

  1. Attend the Captain’s Meeting to find teams looking for players
  2. Wait for a team captain to contact them.
  3. If there are enough free agents UREC may offer to form teams made up of all free agents.



Form your own team or register as a free agent.

Free agents are individual that are not members of a team, but would like to join one. Individual wanting to be picked up by a team should open an account through IMLeagues and sign up as a free agent as soon as entries become available. Team captains in need of additional participants are strongly encouraged to utilize the Free Agent List on the TSC Recreation Center IM Leagues page for the chosen sport. We strongly encourage Free Agents to attend the Captain’s Meeting and league games to have the opportunity to get picked up by a team. Please remember there is no guarantee that a free agent will be picked up by a team.

Registration occurs through “IM Leagues,” which allows users to register for events, view team’s schedules, brackets, and results. If applicable, your entry fee must be paid before the Captain’s Meeting or at the time of registration by each captain. Depending on which campus you are participating in please follow the registration process below. 


Create an account at IMLeagues. Make sure to use your UTRGV email and ID when creating your account, and please enter all requested information accurately. 


  1. Create an account at Make sure you use your UTRGV email and ID Number when creating your account, and please enter all requested information accurately.
  2. Once you have created your account go to the drop down list at the top of the page displaying “University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley”, go to the bottom of the list and click “Add Network.”
  3. In the search bar type, “Texas Southmost College”, select “Texas Southmost College”
  4. Enter all information requested as accurately as possible.
  5. You’re good to go!

*When registering for leagues make sure you select the Texas Southmost College network, which going forward will be selectable from the top drown down menu. 

Extramural Sports are an opportunity to take your intramural team and compete against other institutions in the Rio Grande Valley and beyond. There are many opportunities throughout the academic year. Your campus coordinator will provide information about specific extramural and registration at the Captain’s Meeting. Typically the champion of the regular season league is invited to represent UTRGV in extramural tournaments.

*For regional qualifiers (Valley Bowl and South Texas Shootout) your team must consist of students from only one institution (ex. All UTRGV or TSC students)

  • Valley Bowl (Flag Football)
  • Texas Shootout (Basketball)
  • Spikefest (Volleyball)
  • Copa de Valley (Soccer)

Edinburg Intramural Sports

Brownsville Intramural Sports