The Aquatic Staff has full authority to ask patrons to leave the pool area for not following polices outline for the area.

Pool Rules

  • Swimming/sunbathing is permitted only when a lifeguard is on duty.
  • Swimmers must wear a bathing suit. Cut-offs, sport bras, thongs, sheer swimsuits, undergarments are not allowed.
  • You must have on a shirt, shorts and shoes before entering the facility.  Please dry off completely before entering the Recreation Center.
  • Enter and exit the pool from designated locations only.
  • Bathers are strongly recommended to shower before entering the water.
  • Remove all band aids before entering the pool. 
  • Only US Coast Guard approved floatation devices are permitted.
  • Water basketballs, volleyballs and water polo balls are only allowed in designated areas. Do not hang on the rim.  They are not to be used as floatation devices or thrown at patrons. Sand volleyballs are not permitted in the pool.
  • Adults may use jogging belts provided by the pool for jogging through the water.
  • All swimmers must be able to swim without an aid in deep water and may be subject to a swim test.  Lifejackets may be required depending on the lifeguard’s discretion.
  • Children under 10 yrs. old must be accompanied by an adult
  • Children not in swim lessons may use the pools but must not disrupt any swim classes.



  • Children under 3 yrs. old.
  • Diving or flipping into the pool in depth below 7 feet.
  • Persons with a communicable disease or an open cut.
  • Portable speakers or loud music.
  • Running, rough play, horse play, and throwing/pushing people into the pool.
  • Public displays of affection.
  • Hanging on the lane lines or safety lines.
  • Spitting, blowing of the nose, spouting of water.
  • Covering the water returns.
  • Splashing of the Lifeguards.
  • Talking to the Lifeguard staff in the stand unless you have an emergency.
  • Sitting in the lifeguard stand.
  • Prolonging underwater swimming.
  • Animals or pets of any kind are prohibited from the pool area.
  • Swim lessons or other private instruction conducted by non- University Recreation staff.
  • Chewing of gum or consuming food or beverage in the pool.
  • Glass containers.
  • Tobacco products of any kind.
  • Profane language or any type of disruptive behavior towards other swimmers.

Dress Code


Dress Code

In an effort to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all patrons, as well as reduce the risk of bacterial disease transmission, further mitigate risk, and prolong the life of exercise equipment, UREC has made updates to the current dress code policy. This re-defined policy has been advertised for the first month of the fall 2017 semester via a marketing and education campaign designed to serve as a grace period allowing returning students time to acclimate to the changes, as well as to educate our new students and patrons of the expectations. It is not the intent of these updates to turn anyone away from the facility. Therefore, the dress code grace period ended on October 1, 2017.

DISCLAIMER: Illustrations displayed are ONLY to be used as a reference to having an idea of what is appropriate and what is not.





Upper Body Wear

  • Shirts should cover your chest, back, torso (including midriff).

Lower Body Wear

  • Clothing without rivets, metal, or exposed zippers.
  • Pants or shorts must fully cover the buttocks and groin areas at all times.


  • Closed-toed, closed-heeled, and non-marking athletic shoes that cover the entire foot.
  • In some Group Fitness formats and Sport Club practices participants may be asked to remove footwear for the safety of the participant (Yoga, Martial Arts, etc).

Upper Body Wear

  • Midriff Baring Tops (throughout the entire facility)
  • Sheer (see through) clothing of any kind (throughout the entire facility)
  • Extreme cut off shirts that show the ribcage (throughout the entire facility)
  • Exposed torso (throughout the entire facility)

Lower Body Wear

  • Pants/Shorts with metal rivets (jeans) (Fitness Floor, Cardio areas)
  • Shorts that when standing or sitting to not fully cover the buttocks or groin area (throughout the entire facility)


  • Sandals, flip flops, crocs, boots, dress shoes, etc (fitness floor, cardio, Main & MAC gym)

Climbing Wall 

  • All Upper Body, Lower Body, and Footwear requirements apply. 

Fitness Floors – Designated Areas 

  • First-floor fitness floor and Second-floor fitness/cardio floors 
    • All Upper Body, Lower Body, and Footwear requirements apply.  

Lounge Areas 

  • First floor and Second floor 
    • Jeans, open-toed shoes, non-athletics shoes, etc are fine in these areas. UREC would never want to turn patrons away who want to use these lounge areas on the daily downtimes. It is just important to note that if these patrons want to use the cardio, fitness floor equipment, or gym they would need to change into appropriate clothing.  

MAC & Main Gym 

  • First Floor Locations 
    • Close-toed, close-healed, and non-marking athletic shoes that cover the entire foot. 
    • Athletic clothing is highly encouraged for the sake of patron comfort; however, appropriate clothing coverage is required at all times.  


  • Second Floor 
    • All Upper Body, Lower Body, and Footwear requirements apply.  
    • In some Group Fitness formats and Sport Club practices participants may be asked to remove footwear for the safety of the participant (Yoga, Martial Arts, etc).


  • Second Floor 
    • In the event a patron wants to walk around the track during their daily downtime, UREC would strongly urge them to wear appropriate shoes to prevent personal injury or discomfort; however, walking around the track is permitted.


  • A valid UTRGV or approved photo ID must be presented upon entry for facility access.
  • Non-marking athletic shoes are required on hardwood floors.
  • Appropriate attire is required for each designated area.
  • Scheduled activities take precedence.
  • Facilities and equipment should be used for their designed purpose.
  • Smoking or tobacco use in any form is prohibited on facility grounds.
  • Patrons may consume food and beverages in designated lounges.
  • Service animals are allowed in the facility.
  • The use of bicycles, mopeds, in-line skates, skate-shoes or skateboards are prohibited.
  • UTRGV University Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Use of cameras and video equipment in facilities is prohibited without written approval of University Recreation.
  • Solicitation is prohibited on facility grounds.
  • Membership is a privilege which may be modified or revoked for cause.
  • Patrons will be expected to abide by all university policies.
  • Inappropriate behavior may result in loss of privileges and/or suspension from facilities with no fee refund.


The above policies are subject to change without notice.


Children/Minors ages 4 to 17 years are welcome into the facility with adult supervision during family hours. Minors between 14 – 16 years of age require adult supervision along with an equipment orientation before utilizing fitness floor equipment. Equipment Orientations are conducted by fitness floor staff by request. Family Hours are extended to normal operating hours during university published holidays, semester breaks and summer sessions. Approved special programs may allow children under 4 years of age into the facility.
Guests must present an approved state photo ID, have a current waiver on file and pay a $10 fee (including taxes).
*All guest sales are final, refunds will not be issued*
Personal training/coaching may only be conducted by trainers on staff. The appearance of personal training/coaching by patrons is not allowed.
Children over the age of 5 must use gender appropriate locker rooms. Cell phone use is prohibited. Caution: wet floors in the locker rooms may be slippery.

Fitness & Wellness

For Brownsville, policies click here.  

  • Appropriate exercise attire must be worn at all times.
  • Users must wear a shirt that completely covers the torso.
  • Pants/shorts with metal accessories are not permitted.
  • Shoes must be protective, closed-toe, non-marking athletic shoes: no sandals, flip flops, clogs, or boots.
  • Drinks must be in a closed plastic container.
  • Food is prohibited on weight/cardio floors.
  • Personal belongings/bags are not allowed on the weight/cardio floors.
  • Equipment must be used in the manner for which it is designed.
  • Re-rack weights and stow away all equipment in designated areas.
  • Use of weight collars is required at all times.
  • Spotters are recommended when lifting all free weights.
  • Chalk is prohibited.
  • For the prevention of injury to yourself or others, and/or damage to floor or equipment, weights may not be dropped or thrown.
  • If a piece of equipment is not working properly, do not use, and notify a staff member.
  • To assist in maintaining a safe and sanitary facility, the use of cleaning towels and spray bottles are recommended before and after to minimize the transmissions of infections, as well as to extend the life-span of equipment.
  • Personal training may only be conducted by trainers on staff the appearance of personal training by patrons is not allowed.
  • Children between 14 – 16 years of age require adult supervision along with an equipment orientation before utilizing fitness equipment.





  • Studio entrance is allowed during designated activity times (ex. group exercise classes, reservation, UREC programs)
  • Utilize our towel service, or bring your own
  • Place your belonging in the designated storage areas
  • Entry into Group Exercise classes are first come, first served
  • Refrain from operating the audio equipment
  • Clean and return equipment to proper location after use
  • Studio equipment must remain in studios
  • Use of cell phones is prohibited during classes
  • Patrons in studios during class times must be participating
  • Appropriate exercise attire must always be worn, as per UREC Dress Code Policy
  • Food is prohibited
  • Report any broken equipment to staff

Intramural Sports

You must bring your UTRGV Student ID or UREC Member ID to all games

Outdoor Adventures

  • To enter the climbing area, you must turn in a completed signed “waiver” of Liability/Assumption of Risk to the climbing wall attendant on duty.  
  • Climbers must sign the “Daily Sign-In Sheet” & “Climbing Log” before each climb/boulder during operational hours. NO INITIALS 
  • Before each climb the belayer and climber must check that the figure 8 knot is tied and harness buckles are correctly fastened and double back.  
  • Rock climbing shoes or clean athletic shoes are required. Street shoes, hiking boots, sandals, five finger toe shoes and bare feet are not permitted on the climbing surfaces.  
  • Climbing Wall equipment is NOT allowed to leave the climbing wall area.  
  • Climber may use their own equipment with the discretion of the Climbing Wall Attendant on its ability to perform as a safe piece of climbing equipment as prescribed by the manufacturers, and must be CE/UIAA certified.  
  • Climbers CAN NOT remove climbing holds, or use bolts and anchor points as holds   
  • Spectators CAN NOT distract belayers, disturb, or be a distraction to other climbers while they are in the act of climbing.  
  • Spectators CAN NOT pass the designated taped area while waiting to be called, and are NOT allowed on padded climbing area.  
  • NO food or open drink containers allowed in the climbing wall area, obscene language, or jewelry.  
  • Only Climbing Wall Attendants and those approved through UREC can facilitate climbing activities on the climbing wall.  
  • Allow right of way to other climbers who were first on a route on any given section of wall or boulder. Don’t crowd other climbers.  
  • NO bouldering passed the dotted line on the Climbing Wall, or below roped climbers.  
  • Report any injuries or wall damage to the Climbing Wall Attendants.  
  • Cell phone use is prohibited when climbing, belaying, bouldering, or spotting.  
  • Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Parents must sign the “Waiver of Liability” for anyone under 18 years of age.  
  • NO one under the age of 4 is permitted to use UREC Climbing Wall.  
  • Before each climb the entrance instructor and belayer must check each climber to ensure that the knot and harness buckle are correctly fastened and that the belay system and belayers harness buckles are safe.  
  • Any infraction of these rules will result in loss of climbing privileges. Repeated infractions will result in loss of future privileges and possibly additional sanctions. UREC Personnel reserve the right to suspend or terminate privileges for inappropriate or unsafe behavior.  


  • Alcohol and glass containers are prohibited.
  • Holes cannot be dug anywhere on our premises.
  • All ice chests/coolers will be inspected – drinks must come into the facility sealed.
  • The collection of funds or donations is not allowed.
  • Guests must be out of the facility within 15 minutes of the scheduled conclusion of your event.
  • Events must end at least 30 minutes prior to closing time.
  • Any damage and/or mess left over from the event may be charged cleaning fee.
  • Non-UREC members must purchase a day pass to participate in event.
  • TULIP insurance policy may be required. Payment is non-refundable.
  • No bicycles are allowed inside the facility or vehicles allowed on outdoor recreational fields
  • Swimmers must wear proper attire at all times
  • University Recreation is not liable for any charges incurred by the group reserving the facility, injury to participants or anyone hired for the event by the group reserving the facility.
  • Facility and Climbing Wall waivers must be signed by each participant, or parent/legal guardian, prior to using the facility.
  • Closed toed shoes must be worn in climbing wall area.
  • Failure to follow these rules may result in group forfeiting the privilege to reserve University Recreation facilities in the future.

Sports Clubs

Reivew Sport Club Handbook for policies.