Social/Digital Marketing Services

Our goal is to help other UTRGV departments create cost-efficient, powerful digital marketing campaigns to help enhance the university brand and engage with the community. Below is a list of some of the services available without cost to other UTRGV departments.

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  • Full Social Media/Digital Marketing Campaign Development

    From brainstorming to execution, if you have a major project or event that needs assistance, our digital team is here to help you. From selecting the right hashtags, defining marketing outcomes, and creating a cohesive outreach strategy, we will help you develop the most efficient way to promote your department/division.

    • Creative brainstorming

    • Digital storytelling and campaign integration

    • Assistance with media buying/placement (Facebook/Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Snapchat Ads, Google Ads)

    • Distribution across official University’s channels

  • Short-term Social Media Campaign Execution

    If you already have a digital marketing plan in place and you just need minor assistance with placement, execution, and analysis, we can help you. For example, if you have a particular program you wish to promote in the short term (within 1-2 months), we can help you make sure you get the most out of your efforts.

    • Scheduling updates/post

    • Creation and promotion of Facebook/Google events

    • Assistance with ongoing promotions

  • Google Analytics Reports for Website Traffic

    If your department wishes to have customized reports on-demand about the web traffic your properties are receiving, we can help you with that. Our Google Analytics reports are done with Google Data Studio which means that you get direct access to the latest traffic and engagement numbers for your departmental website.

    View a Sample report

  • Social Media Reports

    If your department has several social media channels and you wish to receive regular reports about your social media efforts, we can provide you with weekly and monthly analytics reports. Our social media reporting system aggregates multiple channels into one single PDF report that gets sent to your departmental email regularly. View a sample report.

    Some of the channels we can currently track include:

    • Facebook Pages

    • Twitter

    • Instagram

    • LinkedIn

    • YouTube Channels

  • Social Media Account Creation

    If you need help creating/registering your departmental social media accounts, we can take care of that for you. Currently, the following platforms are the most popular ones among our students:

    • Snapchat

    • Instagram

    • Facebook

    • YouTube

    • LinkedIn

  • Short Link (Vanity URL) and QR CodeTracking

    If you have a campaign that you wish to track or need to keep track of how many times a PDF document has been downloaded, we can help you set up a short-URL tracking link and give you detailed analytics reports about the success of your campaign. We can also create tracking QR codes that students can scan on their mobile devices to be directed to your specific page/campaign. We currently offer two different kinds of tracking urls:

    • UTRGV.LINK: Ideal for quick direct links and general campaigns.

    • UTRGV.NEWS: Any update that is newsworthy or relevant in the world of new media.

  • Social Media Contests

    Are you trying to engage with your target audience? A social media contest can be just what you need! We can help you in the planning, development, and execution of your social media contest. All our contest options provide some level of moderation. We currently offer the following types of contests:

    • Regular email signup contest: Perfect if you need to collect emails for a raffle or to import them to a CRM system.

    • Photo upload contest: Allowing your participants to directly upload photos to a page where people can vote on their favorite picture.

    • Instagram contest: Great for public engagement! Choose a hashtag and we can create a contest page that would allow your participants to post their pictures directly to their Instagram account and still participate in your contest.

    • Twitter contest: Similar to Instagram contests but for Twitter. People can post directly to their accounts, and you can select the best/most engaging one to be featured on your contest page.

  • Virtual Reality 360° Tours, Photos, and Video

    If your department has a particularly stunning facility or an event that would be great to have on a 360° virtual format, contact us. We offer the following kinds of VR services:

    • Custom VR Tours: these tours can be embedded on your website and shared with the community. We use a platform called Round.Me to host these tours. Click here to see an example.

    • 360° Photos: Our 360 VR photos (also known as photospheres) can be shared directly to Facebook and Google Plus. The photos can also be uploaded to a Google Maps listing if your department has one.

    • 360° Video: If there is a cool event happening in your department that would be great for an “immersive experience”, we can record a quick 360 video that can be hosted on our main YouTube or Facebook account. See this example.

    View a list of current virtual tours available