Policy & Procedures

Internal Procedures for Public Release of Institutional Information

As a public, state-funded institution, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley strives to share relevant information with internal and external audiences. Therefore, it is imperative that we provide university information that is both accurate and consistent to avoid misunderstanding, misinterpretation or confusion.

To achieve this accuracy and consistency, the Office of University Marketing and Communications has implemented the following policies and procedures that must be followed by all university stakeholders:

Media Relations

  • The primary university spokesperson is Patrick Gonzales, associate vice president for University Marketing and Communications. He can be reached at (956) 665-2741 (office) or (806) 441-8078 (cell). In his absence, another member of the University Marketing and Communications team will be appointed.
  • The university spokesperson will provide broad, general information in responses to University inquiries. However, for matters that require more detailed information, administrators and faculty will be given authorization to respond accordingly.
  • University Marketing and Communications is the primary and official liaison to all media requests.
  • Authorization to speak on behalf of the university may only be given by a representative of University Marketing and Communications. In addition, all inquiries seeking an official university response or a statement on behalf of the university should be directed to University Marketing and Communications. Requests can be sent to:
    • Patrick Gonzales
      Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications
      Office: (956) 665-2741
      Cell: (806) 441-8078 (cell)
    • Marci Caltabiano-Ponce
      Director of News and Internal Communications
      Office: (956) 665-2742
      Cell: (956) 227-1273
  • No faculty nor staff member may make official statements on behalf of the university without consultation with, and express authorization from, University Marketing and Communications.

News Releases

  • All university press releases are distributed by University Marketing and Communications, unless special authorization is granted.
  • Press releases written by other members of the university must be reviewed, approved and distributed by University Marketing and Communications. Requests can be sent to:
    • Marci Caltabiano-Ponce
      Director of News and Internal Communications
      Office: (956) 665-2742
      Cell: (956) 227-1273
  • All university press releases are reviewed by relevant personnel to ensure that the news releases are accurate and consistent.

Marketing and Creative Services

  • Marketing and Creative Services (MCS) is the primary marketing office for The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. All externally facing marketing materials (including print, digital and broadcast) must be created by this office or, reviewed and approved by the Director of Creative Services and Brand Management or by their designee.
  • Requests for marketing support (including brand strategy, collateral materials, advertisements, or video services) are made at utrgv.edu/umc (new job).
  • Materials not created by MCS must be reviewed for accuracy and adherence to brand standards and approved by the Director of Creative Services and Brand Management or their designee before being put into circulation.
    • Any corrections required due to violation of brand standards, misrepresentation of the university or factual errors must be corrected before any materials may be formally produced and distributed.
  • All recruitment marketing materials must be approved by the Director of Creative Services and Brand Management or by another UMC representative to whom the director has given authorization, in collaboration with the Division of Strategic Enrollment, before the materials are disseminated.
  • All print and digital advertising purchases must be approved by UMC.
  • The trademarked logos of the university may not be distributed for use by any other entity without the express permission of UMC and or the university attorney. Approvals will be granted with a “use clause” outlining the specific terms of use.
  • Any use of a trademarked logo on apparel or promotional items must be approved by the UT System Trademark Office.
  • All marketing materials must adhere to graphic identity, editorial, and social media guidelines, which can be accessed on the UMC website.


  • The Web Communications team, led by the Web Communications Manager, is responsible for assuring that all UTRGV webpages comply with university editorial and graphic standards.
  • All university websites and the employees who maintain them must register with the Web Communications team to ensure that the sites are properly and routinely assessed. If you have any questions, you may contact Norma Rodriguez at norma.rodriguez@utrgv.edu.
  • Web Communications may edit or remove any departmental content posted to university sites that is misspelled, inaccurate, contains sensitive student information, or violates university policy.
  • Each website owner must develop and follow a maintenance schedule to periodically update sites and check links. Web pages must have current accurate information, be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. Web pages should be maintained in a timely manner.
  • The Web Communications team is responsible for maintaining the UTRGV homepage, so any requests or corrections to that site must be emailed to norma.rodriguez@utrgv.edu.

Social Media

  • The social media and digital marketing manager, and his team are responsible for assuring that all UTRGV social media platforms comply with university editorial and graphic standards
  • Social Media pages bearing UTRGV’s name may not be created without the approval of the university Social Media Manager. All departmental social media accounts are considered property of the university.
  • When creating a social media page bearing UTRGV’s name, the university Social Media Manager must be provided all necessary passwords and editing credentials.
  • The Social Media Manager, in coordination with the Director of Public Relations, is responsible to ensure that UTRGV social media pages are within the bounds of UTRGV editorial and visual standards.
  • Departments who decide to engage in social media should be mindful of The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Departments should not post any personal identifiable student record information (such as GPA, social security number, admission status, test scores, financial aid, SID, etc.).

Proof Reading/Editing Policy

All marketing materials produced for the university will come through our office for review.

Pieces produced outside of the UMC office will be reviewed for:

  • Editorial and design standards
  • Content that may have a negative impact on the UTRGV brand.
  • They will not be proofread for grammar spelling mistakes. That responsibility falls upon the department.

Marketing materials produced by UMC for the following divisions/offices, will be proofread by UMC editors:

  • Office of the President
  • Strategic Enrollment (ie. Recruitment & Scholarships, Financial Aid, U Central, etc.)
  • Provosts Office

Graphic Design Services:

  • Prior to submitting your content for a graphic design request, ensure that it has been proofread by your department. The UMC team will not be able to proofread your content.
  • Once the piece has been laid out and a proof is sent to you for your review, you will be in charge of reviewing the content as well.


UMC has the following resources available to assist you in the proofreading process:

Note:  This is the official history statement to be used on any/all marketing pieces.