UTRGV Social Media Directory

The table below includes all of the official UTRGV departments that have a registered social media account with us. If you represent a department and would like to submit your social media accounts for review, please fill out this form. For a directory of student organizations and their social media accounts, please visit this link.

Departmental Social Media Accounts Directory
Department Name Facebook Instagram YouTube Flickr Tumblr Pinterest LinkedIn Snapchat Twitter
UTRGV (main accounts) UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram - Main Account UTRGV YouTube - Main Account UTRGV Flickr UTRGV Tumblr - Main Account UTRGV Pinterest - Main Account UTRGV LinkedIn - Main Account UTRGV Snapchat - Main Acount UTRGV Twitter 
Academic Advising Center UTRGV Facebook               UTRGV Twitter 
Addiction Resource Center UTRGV Addiction Resource Center                
Alumni Relations UTRGV Alumni Relations                
Athletics UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram UTRGV YouTube           UTRGV Twitter 
Ballet Folklórico UTRGV UTRGV Facebook                
Career Center UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram             UTRGV Twitter 
Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technology (COLTT) UTRGV Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technology UTRGV COLTT Instagram  UTRGV COLTT YouTube            UTRGV Twitter 
Center for Teaching Excellence UTRGV Center for Teaching Excellence                
Chess Team UTRGV Facebook    UTRGV YouTube            
Child Development Center UTRGV Facebook                
College of Education & P-16 Integration UTRGV Facebook                UTRGV Twitter
College of Engineering & Computer Science UTRGV Facebook                
College of Fine Arts UTRGV Facebook                
College of Health Affairs Facebook Icon UTRGV Instagram             UTRGV College of Health Affairs Twitter 
College of Liberal Arts UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram              UTRGV Twitter 
College of Sciences                  
Collegiate Recovery Program UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram
Computer Engineering UTRGV Facebook                
Continuing Education UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram UTRGV YouTube       UTRGV LinkedIn    
Counseling Center UTRGV Instagram
Counseling & Training Clinic UTRGV Facebook                
Dance Program UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram               
Department of History UTRGV Facebook                
Department of Marketing UTRGV Facebook                
Department of Writing & Language Studies UTRGV Facebook                
Digital Literacies Grad Program UTRGV Facebook                
Dining UTRGV Facebook                
Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Internal Medicine Residency UTRGV Facebook                
Engaged Scholarship & Learning  UTRGV Facebook - Engaged Scholarship and Learning   UTRGV Instagram - Engaged Scholarship and Learning   UTRGV YouTube - Engaged Scholarship and Learning           UTRGV Snapchat - Engaged Scholarship and Learning   UTRGV Twitter - Engaged Scholarship and Learning  
FESTIBA UTRGV Facebook - FESTIBA                
Food Pantry UTRGV Facebook                
Graduate College UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram UTRGV YouTube           UTRGV Twitter 
High School to University Programs & Testing Services UTRGV Facebook                
Hispanic Engineering, Science & Technology UTRGV Facebook     UTRGV Flickr           
Honors College UTRGV Facebook                
Information Technology UTRGV Information Technology               UTRGV Information Technology Twitter 
International Admissions & Student Services UTRGV Facebook                
Language Institute UTRGV Facebook                
Learning Center UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram               
Library UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram   UTRGV Flickr     UTRGV Pinterest      
Marine & Coastal Sciences UTRGV Facebook                
Mathematics and Science Academy UTRGV Facebook                
Nonprofit Resource Center UTRGV Facebook                
Office for Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention UTRGV Facebook                
Office of Global Engagement UTRGV Facebook                
Parent & Family Involvement UTRGV Facebook                
Patron of the Arts UTRGV Facebook     UTRGV Flickr           
Performing Arts Complex UTRGV Facebook                
Physics Department UTRGV Facebook                
Planetarium UTRGV Facebook                
Police Department UTRGV Facebook               UTRGV Twitter 
Residence Life UTRGV Facebook                
Rio South Texas Regional Procurement Technical Assistance Center UTRGV Facebook                
Robert C. Vackar College of Business & Entrepreneurship UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram          UTRGV LinkedIn    
School of Medicine UTRGV Facebook               UTRGV Twitter
School of Nursing UTRGV Facebook                
School of Rehabilitation Services & Counseling UTRGV Rehabilitation                
Simulation Hospital UTRGV Facebook                
Small Business Development Center UTRGV Facebook                
Student Government Association UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram              UTRGV Twitter
Student Involvement UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram              
Student Magazine (Pulse) UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram              
Student Newspaper (The Rider) UTRGV Facebook             UTRGV Snapchat   
Student Radio UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram              
Student Rights & Responsibilities UTRGV Facebook                
Student TV UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram  UTRGV YouTube             
Student Union UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram            UTRGV Snapchat  
Sustainability UTRGV Facebook                
Translation & Interpreting Programs UTRGV Translation & Interpreting Programs                
University College UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram               
University Productions UTRGV University Production Facebook                
University Recreation UTRGV Facebook UTRGV University Recreation Instagram UTRGV YouTube          UTRGV University Recreation Snapchat UTRGV Twitter 
UTeach UTRGV Facebook    UTRGV YouTube             UTRGV Twitter 
UTRGV at Starr County UTRGV at Starr County Facebook                
South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute UTRGV Facebook                UTRGV Twitter
UTRGV P-16 Outreach UTRGV P-16 Outreach Facebook  UTRGV P-16 Outreach Instagram            UTRGV Snapchat  UTRGV Twitter P-16 Outreach
UTRGV Writing Center UTRGV Facebook                
Information Security Office UTRGV Facebook                UTRGV ISO Twitter
Center of Excellence in STEM Education UTRGV Facebook UTRGV Instagram
School of Medicine Libraries UTRGV SOM libraries Twitter
UTRGV Soil Ecology UTRGV Instagram
Engineering Technology UTRGV Instagram UTRGV Snapchat UTRGV SOM libraries Twitter