UTRGV Homepage Slide Guidelines

Homepage slides on utrgv.edu are planned eight to 12 weeks in advance. Decisions about the topics will be based on overall strategic priorities, institutional impact, timeliness and availability. 

University Marketing and Communications oversees the posting and design of the sliders. Slides should be created following the graphic Identity guidelines.

The featured item must:

  • Interest or affect multiple university stakeholders
  • Reinforce the university’s core priorities, along with recruitment, retention and educational opportunities

Slide topics may include:

  • Feature articles
    • Student, alumni and faculty stories (taken from News and Internal Communications)
  • Major accomplishments
    • National and international achievements
  • Major campaign announcements and milestones
    • University anniversaries, official fundraising campaigns
  • Campus impact and emergency notices
    • Campus closures (storms, emergency situations)
  • Major university recruitment efforts

If University Marketing and Communications determines that your request does not meet the above criteria, the following are alternative message platforms to promote your event or news: Calendar, UTRGV Messenger, or myUTRGV.edu.

For questions or to request slide placement, please email Norma Rodriguez, web communications manager.