Top Hat

Top Hat is a student engagement platform that professors use inside and outside of the classroom. Top Hat provides a lecture tool that tracks attendance, asks questions, features interactive slides, and manage classroom discussions. Outside of the classroom, the platform features an InteractiveText platform where professors can adopt, customize, or create content for their courses.

Please refer to the following links and resources to learn how to get started with TopHat.

  • Windows: Vista or later
  • Mac: OS X 10.8 or higher
  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer latest versions
Top Hat Engagement Video


Getting Started:




Top Hat has assigned a dedicated product expert to work with our faculty. Top Hat provides 1-1 introduction sessions, as well as 1-1 onboarding and training. You can reach Jacquie Gray by emailing or book directly into their virtual calendar to learn more about Top Hat here: