Master of Science (MS) in Mathematics

The Master of Science (MS) in Mathematics program is designed to provide a graduate level education for students who intend to teach at various levels, students who will continue or seek employment within the industrial sector, and students who intend to continue their education beyond the master’s level at other institutions. *This program has the option to be completed fully online.

The Master of Science in Mathematics has four tracks, a Mathematics Concentration, an Industrial and Applied Mathematics Concentration, a Mathematics Teaching Concentration, and a Statistics Concentration. In each case, the student can choose from a Thesis, Project, or Comprehensive Exam as an exit option.

Mathematicians with a strong background in pure mathematics are attractive to employers in many professional branches of society, particularly intelligence technology, finance, security, engineering and physics. Industrial mathematics is a growing branch of mathematics that requires trained personnel for key positions in modern industries. A specialization in mathematics teaching offers an opportunity to become an effective mathematics instructor with technology skills especially for online or distance education.

Course Requirements for MS in Mathematics, AY 2015-2016

Course Requirements for MS in Mathematics, AY 2018-2019

Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's (4+1)

The accelerated Bachelor's and Master's (4+1) degree program is designed by to provide students with high academic achievements the opportunity to link advanced undergraduate coursework with graduate coursework and degree completion. The program will allow students to get an early start on master's degree while completing the Bachelor's degree.

Course Requirements for Accelerated BS/MS 5 Year Program, AY 2015-2016