Transfer of Graduate Credits at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Appropriate graduate work earned at a regionally accredited institution or equivalent, may be transferred to UTRGV for degree credit. Individual graduate degree programs may accept fewer hours or have additional requirements.

Transfer of graduate credit is not automatic. The student must submit a written request for approval of transfer to the director/coordinator of the graduate program. A graduate student seeking to use coursework completed at another institution must provide an official transcript, the official explanation of the institution’s course numbering system and grading system, and the course description from the catalog of the institution. Along with these documents, the Petition to Transfer a Graduate Course from another Institution form should be submitted by the director/coordinator for approval by the Chair/Director of the department/school, College Dean, and the Dean of the Graduate College.

A course may be transferred only if:

  1. Student is in a current graduate degree program and in good academic standing.

  2. The course is equivalent to a graduate-level course at UTRGV or is appropriate for elective credit at the graduate level within the student’s degree program; The grade for the course is not less than C; grades of C- are not transferrable.

  3. The course was not taken at such a date that it would extend the student’s time for achieving the degree beyond the approval limit for the graduate program (seven years for a master’s program and 10 years for a doctoral program).

  4. Courses have not been used toward another degree program.

  5. Coursework earned on the quarter system is normally calculated at two-thirds of the credit for courses offered on a semesterly basis. Thus, a three credit-hour course taken on the quarter system may be transferred as no more than two credit hours.

  6. UTRGV will not accept dissertation courses for transfer to fulfill the dissertation hour requirement for a degree

Courses delivered in a distance learning format will be considered by the Graduate College Dean on a case-by-case basis, however correspondence or extension courses are not transferrable.

All petitions must be processed and approved no later than the semester prior to anticipated graduation. To ensure acceptance of transfer credit toward the graduate degree, the student must obtain prior written approval for any courses to be taken at another institution after the student has matriculated at UTRGV.

Exceptions to these transfer policies may be granted only on petition to the Dean of the Graduate College. Should the Dean of Graduate College not approve the transfer of any credits, the student has the right to submit a petition to the Graduate Committee, which will make the final decision.

All documents submitted to the University for transfer purposes become part of the official files of the University and cannot be released or returned to the student or to another institution.

Transfer of Graduate Credit Towards a Graduate Degree