The Festival of International Books and Arts (FESTIBA) was created in 2006 to promote an interest and appreciation for reading and early literacy, celebrate and appreciate the arts and humanities, and broaden cultural awareness within the South Texas community. With the theme of Building a Better World, FESTIBA 2020 strives to focus on a bright future by promoting and inspiring education for sustainable development, or the idea that we must teach in a way that empowers students to provide tomorrow’s generations with the same opportunities and quality of life that we enjoy today.

CHAPS has participated every year at FESTIBA with lectures, exhibits, and documentary films. Below is our schedule at this years' FESTIBA 2020

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CHAPS Lecture Series - FESTIBA 2020


Festiba (festival of International Books and Arts) 2018| Transcending borders: building bridges through the Arts, February 26 to March 3, 2018


FESTIBA 2020 Schedule


The Next Initiative: Ancient Landscapes of South Texas - A Sneak Preview

This is the first component of a two-part series to showcase UTRGV’s CHAPS Program’s ongoing research. The CHAPS team has embarked on a new initiative to rediscover the ancient landscapes of the Rio Grande Valley region dating back 42 million years ago and create an eco-tourism trail for regional residents and visitors to enjoy. This presentation will preview our tourism guide map and ancient artifact educational poster utilizing augmented reality.

PRESENTERS: Juan L. Gonzalez UTRGV Associate Professor of Geology School of Earth, Environmental and Marine Sciences, Sarah Fearnley Hardage UTRGV Lecturer II of Geology-School of Earth, Environmental and Marine Sciences, and Russell K. Skowronek – UTRGV College of Liberal Arts Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Diversity – Professor of History/Anthropology

LOCATION: Edinburg Campus / ESCNE 2.507

TIME: 3:30 - 4:30 P.M.



This is the second component of a two-part series to showcase UTRGV’s CHAPS Program’s ongoing research. For the ninth year, the CHAPS Program class “Discovering the Rio Grande Valley” has recorded the history of a family and its land in Edinburg through archaeological, biological, and geological survey, and in oral and documentary history. This presentation details the findings of this project in anticipation of the publication of the final report later this year. Houts Family Farm: A Porción of Edinburg

STUDENT PRESENTERS: Katherine Lozano - UTRGV Undergraduate Student of History, Daniella Gutierrez - UTRGV Undergraduate Student of Mexican American Studies, Sean M. Lewis - UTRGV Undergraduate Student of History

FACULTY ADVISOR: Roseann Bacha-Garza – CHAPS Program Director/ Lecturer Anthropology

LOCATION: Edinburg Campus / ELABS 101

TIME: 12:15 – 1:15 P.M.