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Timothy Brush, Ph.D.Timothy Brush
SCSI 2.324
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Comparative Embryology (BIOL 3407)
Ornithology (BIOL 4412)
Advanced Ornithology (BIOL 5412)
Subtropical Ornithology (BIOL 6412)


Ph.D. Zoology. Rutgers University. 1985.
M. S. Zoology. Arizona State University. 1981
B. A. Biology. Earlham College. 1977.

Areas of Interest

Ecology and conservation of shorebirds and terrestrial birds. Current status of subtropical birds such as Altamira Oriole, Red-billed Pigeon, and Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.


Ornithology, Avian ecology, green parakeet, long-billed curlew, changing birdlife, breeding biology, shorebirds, bird conservation.

We are interested in habitat use, ecology, and conservation of the birds of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. In previous studies, we have focused on shorebirds along the Lower Laguna Madre, including the declining Piping and Snowy plovers and other species of conservation concern. We have also looked at the current status of various bird species in the Valley, including Red-billed Pigeon, Elf Owl, Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet, Black Phoebe, Rose-throated Becard, Clay-colored Robin, Tropical Parula, Altamira Oriole, Audubon's Oriole, and Olive Sparrow, as well as looking at the effects of Bronzed Cowbirds, habitat fragmentation, and lack of flooding on breeding bird communities of riparian forest and scrubland.

A major project has been a historical study of the breeding birdlife and habitats of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, to be published as a book by Texas A&M University Press in Fall 2005. We have collaborated with researchers from Texas A&M University in a study of bird species of conservation concern in southern Texas and northeastern Mexico. We continue to be interested in the changing birdlife of the Valley and have begun baseline studies of two poorly known species of conservation concern, the Green Parakeet and the Long-billed Curlew to better determine their current statuses in the region. We will also continue to pursue my interest in the changing birdlife of the Valley and adjacent southern Texas and northeastern Mexico.

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