John Trant, Ph. D.

John Trant, Ph.D.John Trant, Ph.D.
SCI 2.340
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Ph.D. Zoology. 1987. University of Texas, Austin, TX
M.S. Zoology. 1981. Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
B.S.Biology. 1978. Virginia Polytechnical Institute, Blacksburg, VI

Areas of Interest

Endocrinology, Reproduction, Endocrine disrupters, Steroids, Sexual differentiation, Fish


I am a molecular endocrinologist with particular interests in the discovery of the control of reproduction at the gene and cellular level. I focus on female reproductive physiology, oocyte development and maturation, sex differentiation during embryonic development, and environmental endocrine disrupters. Throughout my career, I have worked with tissues from women to crabs however I am especially intrigued by the rich diversity of mechanisms evident in fish. Of particular power are the evolutionary foundational position of sharks and stingrays, the utility of the genetic tools for zebrafish, and the wide variety of mechanisms utilized by a rich teleost diversity. My lab has discovered new ovarian steroid, new steroid receptors, and have isolated the cDNA and produced in vitro key enzymes of steroidogenesis, growth hormone, gonadotropins and their receptors. The in vitro systems we use include bacteria, yeast, insect cells, and/or mammalian tissue cultures.

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